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16th Traditional Pear Fall Festival Ends With Enthusiasm

Armutlu Fall Festival, which becomes traditional every year, is a concert this year.continued for 2 days with theatre, painting exhibition, whirling dervish and panel show.President of Pir Sultan Abdal Cultural Association, opening dayAfter his speech, he continued with the "Anti-Corruption Panel".After the whirling dervish show in the evening, Idil Public Theater gave a short show.made. After the İdil Public Theater, local artist Violinist Turan took the stage.took. The night ended with dances.The second day started with the “We Want Justice” panel. on the panelMustafa Koçak's family, the head of the Pir Sultan Abdal Association, who is still in prisonZeynep Yıldırım's...

International 1-Day Solidarity Hunger Strike for Ali Osman Köse

Revolutionary and sick from Ali Osman Köse Freedom Committeecall to claim prisoners.As volunteers of the Freedom for Ali Osman Köse Committeewe demand the immediate release of the sick prisoner Ali Osman Köse.We decided to organize a daily International Solidarity Hunger Strike.Health and life related to Ali Osman Köse beforeFinally, as with many legal applications for securityApplication for release to the Constitutional Court in Turkey for appropriate treatmentwas also rejected.The court, now famous for its political decisions,It is true that his patient, Ali Osman Köse, can receive appropriate treatment in prison.only 2 months to the application made on April 1Over a...

Turan Aktaş Continues to Resist for His Job, Bread and Honor!

Get Turan Aktaş Back to WorkTuran Aktaş continues to resist for all workers who were unjustly dismissed from their jobs in front of Şişli Municipality and for their job, bread and dignity. p>CHP Şişli Mayor Muammer Keskin is using various methods to cast a shadow over the resistance and to end the resistance, revealing worker hostility. He threatens Turan Aktaş, has him unjustly detained, and tries to buy him by offering money. Turan Aktaş and the resisting workers are right, nothing can destroy this right. Threats and detentions cannot end the resistance. The resistance and those who resist cannot be...

Walking Magazine 140 Issue Voiceovers Are On Air

140th Anniversary of Our March Against Imperialism and Oligarchy.We share the text voiceovers of the issue.PDF of our journal www.yuruyus-info.orgYou can download, read.Our journal 140th issue dated 13 October 2019 SESLİ< /a>to listen, share or download collectively or separatelyCLICK.Listening to the voice-overs of all issues of our magazine,To download, share, visit our RegardsYürüyüş Magazine Workers

People of the Greek Front Participate in the Solidarity March with Refugees

People's Front of Greece joined the march of solidarity with the refugees organized by the Greek Left organizations on March 20.Refugees who were kept in the European Union camps and in inhumane conditions in Greece, without electricity, without water, in mud, in the rain, living in the snow, are the refugees of imperialism and It is the shame of the European Union. The Greek government, which spends millions of dollars on armaments, says that it applies humane conditions to so-called refugees, but the facts are as clear as daylight. Refugees who lost their lives in the camps due to hunger...

Solidarity Hunger Strikes Continue for Ali Osman Köse All Over the World

Around the world on June 25, in Italy, Greece, USA, UK, Ireland, Austria, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland The peoples of the world are on a 1-day Solidarity Hunger Strike to shout Freedom for the cancer-stricken revolutionary prisoner Ali Osman Köse.With the call of the Freedom for Ali Osman Köse Committee, many international revolutionaries and anti-imperialists are barricades against the attacks of fascism on the right to life of sick prisoners, even if it is for one day, with their hunger.From organized Filipinos living in Paris, political prisoners in the USA have never been alone Messages of solidarity continue to come,...