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Çayan People’s Front Statement: End Concert Bans

“Grup Comment is a Turk, Resistance” Concert,Banned Again One Day Before Concert!
For 34 years they have applied pressure, detained,they arrested, tortured, could not silence; plundering cultural centersthey played, they broke their instruments, they could not silence them; eardrumsthey blew it up, they broke their arms, they pulled their hair out, they banned their albums,they had it collected, they could not silence it again; as they know very wellGroup of efforts, no despicable pursuits, no outdated fascist practicesHe couldn’t silence the comment, he won’t be able to silence it! People from Comment, Comment from peoplecouldn’t break it, won’t break it!
As it is known, Grup Yorum will be held on September 14, 2019 at 19:00.”It is a Turk, Resistance” at Ferhan Şensoy Stage in BeyoğluHe was going to perform his concert. Months of work have been done, preparations have been madeit came to the last stage and the concert was now hours away when our countryThe organized state of evil, the gang power AKP, watches the concertthe notification document stating that the concert was prohibited with armored vehicles.He sent it to İdil Cultural Center in Okmeydanı. To your own vile lawseven in a contrary way, so that there is no time to object to the ban that has been communicated.last day, last hours before…
Grup Yorum has been putting their bodies to starvation for 121 daysmembers… Let the bans on concerts be lifted, end the oppression, his only activityso that the artists who sing the folk songs are removed from the terror listsbut fascism continues to attack, with its usual vileness, immoral. GroupInterpretation is no stranger to this darkness; Against these fascism practices for 34 yearsface to face, hand to hand, continues the struggle, just as today the starvinglike the struggle of the bodies…
Ban as much as you want, attack as much as you want;The voice of the people will not be able to prevent the people of comment and the people of comment.the price of every verse of that verse was paid with blood, tears and captivity.You will not be able to prevent us from delivering the folk songs to the public!
We will convey our resistance to all segments of the people like a song,millions of people to the red carnation road that leads to salvation with our songs.we will organize!
Greetings, Illuminating the Liberation Way of the People with ArtRevolutionary Artists, People’s Artists!
Group Comment is the People and Can’t Be Silenced!
The Folk Songs Don’t Stop, The Halays Continue!
Chian People’s Front!
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