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Çayan Popular Front: Raids, Repressions, Arrests, Detentions Didn’t and Will Not Intimidate Us!

The bloody murderer of the AKPOn 13.06.2019, the police carried out an operation against the Walking Journal. to the pastWhen we look at it, it carried out dozens of operations, dozens of people were arrested. Eachabout the arrested person, “the senior executive of the organization”, “central committee”He was even declared a ‘general secretary’. These are the lies of fascism,conspiracies.
Articles for Walking MagazineWho are our friends detained in the operation?
Ali Tool;
He is Grup YorumHe is a member of Grup Yorum music band for years, has composed dozens of compositions andHe wrote the word. Doors with handouts in person before big concertsHe invited the people to the squares by going through the door to millions in Izmir and Istanbul.He carried out the works of Grup Yorum, which gave concerts, and took part in concerts.His arm was broken because he sang folk songs, he was detained.investigations were opened, he was followed and harassed by the police, wherever he wentThe people were threatened. As a result, Ali Araci was put on the gray lists of fascism andA reward of 300,000 Turkish lira was placed on his head. He was declared the cell manager of the organization. of the peopleDozens of times to break his arm to make his art and the artist of the peopledetention, investigations, policeexposure to threats and harassment. Mainly Ali Tool millionsSince he is a member of Grup Yorum, who gives hope to people and performs folk songs,graylisted for doing public art and artistryaward was placed. Like the conspiracy of fascism, “that the organization is in charge of the cell”He was wanted not because of the hope, but because there was hope for millions.
Umit Çimen;
A poor, working familychild. He is a long-time employee of the Walking Journal. Walking Journaldetained dozens of times for distributingopened and arrested. Ümit Çimen is only one of the workers of Walking Magazine.however, in the indictment written about the police, “he is the correspondence officer of the organization”says. Its basis is the slanders of the dishonest Berk Ercan. Like Berk Ercanslanderers, collaborators, dishonest people, against hundreds of our comrades like Ümit Çimen.With the statements he gave, he got some of our comrades on the gray lists and gave them a reward.He put some of them into search, and he did this with lies. In realityÜmit Çimen is a worker of Walking Magazine. With lies, conspiracies andyou will not get results with the collaborators you create. Ümit Çimen is not guiltyis revolutionary, you are the guilty one. Why? Because with your slander,you are illegitimate with your conspiracies, with your collaborators.
Merve Kurt;
He is a martyr and a member of TAYADdaughter of the family. His mother, brother and sister, again with the expression of collaboratorsprisoner. The reason why he himself became wanted is because of fascism.Collaborator, dishonorable, traitor Berk Ercan’s statements. Fascism has the same policy,he applied the same helplessness and conspiracy on Merve Kurt. Our comrade is guiltyIt’s not revolutionary. honorable, honest,has chosen to be honorable.
Yılmaz Viraner;
He himself before WalkingMagazine was the target of the police because he was a worker, and one day, Walking MagazineOn his way to his office, he was kidnapped and arrested with his armored cans. period of about 1 yearwas imprisoned in prison. Now, again, succumb to the oppression and terror of the operation carried out against the Walking Journal because he did not bend or align himself.was detained. Yılmaz Viraner, friend to foe, to all pressures, arrests,It has shown that we do not bow down despite the terror of detention.
This is the history of our comradesas legitimate. Fascism is forced to conspiracy against legitimacy. this muchto each of our detainees, “cell officer, senior officer,he was going to take action, he was in correspondence with the overseas central committee, even the general secretary”This is how he prepares the cover of the minaret he stole.
Idil KulturHe was saying, “We’re done” with the operation he performed on the Center. Now it’s “done” againsays.
It’s getting better with each passing dayIt is their order that is sinking into the dirt, nothing else is going on. Since you’re doneYou said you couldn’t move. You say you’re done now. SinceIt’s over, how can you finish something that’s already done? with your own liesyou’re drowning, you can’t produce a policy. The cover of the minaret you stole nowYou cannot hold a seam while sewing. imperialism you serveto the murderer cops that he ordered to his collaborators and that he hired bloody hands.You can’t find any other way but to attack and slaughter the revolutionaries.
Also to imperialism and itsWe will not bow down to their murderers and we will not line up. public art andfrom being an artist to your bourgeois news lies that you have createdWalking Magazine, which writes and defends the truth, will never shut up, you saw that will see.
You got searches, rewardsWe said, “We are responding to your lists with our compositions”. WalkYou printed the magazine, you threatened the printing houses, but weWe circulated the PDF number by number, door to door, street to street, neighborhood to neighborhood.We posted and distributed links to the table of contents.
Today’s Walking MagazineIf necessary, we will deliver the facts to the public by writing with our hands, if necessary.We did not write, we will not leave a wall, if necessary, a street or a street where banners are not hung.We will not let go, but no matter what, we will convey the voice of hope to the people and youyou will not be hindered.
We use this power AhmetFrom Ibililer, injured by shooting him in the back for distributing the Walking MagazineWe receive from Ferhat Truth you left and all our martyrs.
Ali Tool is Released ImmediatelyIt should be dropped!
Umit Çimen Released ImmediatelyIt should be dropped!
Merve Kurt Released ImmediatelyIt should be dropped!
Yılmaz ViranerIt Should Be Released!
Down with the lieLong Live Your News Walking Magazine!
Long Live Folk SongsDown with the Corrupted Culture of Fascism!
Chian People’s Front
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