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Belgian Committee of Solidarity with the Resistance: What is Erdal Gökoğlu’s fault?

We Asked the Belgian Ministry of Justice: What’s wrong with Erdal Gökoğlu? Why is he in prison?

We held a demonstration in front of the Ministry of Justice in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Erdal Gökoğlu, who was extradited to Belgium for 4 months, is still in prison. While Erdal Gökoğlu, who should have been in prison according to the Belgian execution law, should have been released already, the early release procedure is still not being carried out by saying “his file is being examined”.

We continued our actions every Wednesday in front of the Ministry of Justice on 5 May. With our slogans that never stopped for 1 hour, we shouted that Erdal should be released and that he was not alone.

Why are you examining Erdal Gökoğlu’s file?

The German state, whom you gave “trustingly”, tried and punished! 5 and a half years! He served more than 3 and a half years of this sentence. That is, according to your laws, two-thirds of the penalty. Your laws tell you to release Erdal.

Why are you examining the file? Let’s remind the Belgian justice ministry a simple rule of law: “Non bis in idem”. A person cannot be tried twice for the same crime. Moreover, Erdal Gökoğlu is a political prisoner. And in political cases “crime” is determined by the character of the state. Despite this, the German state could not find a crime even under its own laws and arbitrarily sentenced it to 5 and a half years. You do not have the right to examine the file! Just as you have no right to be kept in jail. What you need to do is not to arbitrarily violate your own laws, but to obey your laws and immediately release Erdal Gökoğlu. We will not remain silent about this unlawfulness until we release Erdal Gökoğlu, and we will announce your injustice to everyone and everywhere we can reach our voice.

Erdal Gökoğlu is not alone!

Let Erdal Gökoğlu be Released Immediately!

< p>Belgian Committee of Solidarity with the Resistance

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