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Berlin People’s Assembly Statement: Erk Acarer is not alone

On Wednesday, 07.07.2021, while our people’s friend, Journalist Erk Acarer, was sitting in the garden of his house with his family, a treacherous and treacherous attack was organized by the fascist group calling themselves “Ottoman Hearths”.

Ottoman Hearths. The fascist group called AKP fascism is a group financed abroad by the degenerate Süleyman. Those who speak their minds like Erk Acarer without fear or hesitation are declaring their enemies as enemies.

We explain here and say that you, the mercenaries of the fascist AKP, the reactionary fascists, Erk Acarer, or those who express themselves freely against you, are not afraid of you. He will not forget the attack.

Recently, the background of this attack has been covered by “degenerate Süleyman” everywhere. Once again, we can clearly state: We, especially Erk Acarer and his family, will continue to express our opinion everywhere. It is the fascists supported by the AKP that they should be afraid of. This attack will not frighten or intimidate our people, especially Erk Acarer and his family. On the contrary, it will make our voices louder against fascism.

Erk Acarer is not alone

Berlin People’s Assembly

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