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Breakfast Event Held at İdil Cultural Center

Breakfast was held at İdil Cultural Center on 15.08.2021. At the breakfast, the importance of the Attitude Magazine, which was published again after a long hiatus, was mentioned. While the corrupt culture of the bourgeoisie was imposed on the people with all kinds of means, Tavır Magazine was told that it continued its struggle in the field of culture and art alone and together with the people. It was also stated that every Attitude reader should be a distributor at the same time.

In addition, Turan Aktaş himself explained the legitimacy of his resistance for his bread at the breakfast event he attended. Petitions regarding Turan Aktaş’s return to work were signed.

After the event, petition sheets regarding Turan Aktaş’s return to work and Tavır Magazine were distributed. 21 people attended the event.

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