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Call for the We Want Justice Action for Mustafa Koçak and the Group Comment!

“Justice is Buried in Courtrooms. Now I, to bring to light the justice under the earth where they shoveled; I am on a death fast, claiming my life, which is in the prime of my life.” (From Mustafa Koçak’s letter.)

We will not have Mustafa Koçak killed!
On the 6th day of our long march, which we started as Germany Grup Yorum Volunteers, we are holding the WE WANT JUSTICE action for Mustafa Koçak and Grup Yorum in Berlin.

We want a fair trial for Mustafa Koçak!

Let the demands of Grup Yorum, which is on Hunger Strike be accepted, be accepted!
On Wednesday, 04.12.2019
At 17:00
Kotbusser Tor U-Bahn,Celalettin Cut
Germany Group Comment Volunteers
Contact: 0049163/9550858


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