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Salaire moyen : la Gaspésie franchit le cap de 30 000$

L’Institut de la statistique du Québec dévoile que les résidents de la région gagnent annuellement, en moyenne, près de 31 000$.Les chiffres compilés montrent que le salaire moyen en Gaspésie et aux Îles-de-la-Madeleine était 30 977 $ en 2020. C’est une hausse de 8% par rapport à 2019 où le revenu médian se situait à un peu plus de 28 000$. On explique cette croissance en raison des mesures économiques mises de l’avant par les gouvernements en temps de pandémie.La Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine se classe au treizième rang sur 17 régions au Québec pour son revenu disponible par habitant.Quel est le salaire...

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New Poetry “Inevitable” by the Revolutionary Poet Halil Demir, One of the Free Prisoners of Greece

InevitableThe river of time is flowingBy tasting the bitter water of humanityIt has been a dark age< p>In the claws of the capitalist beastThe world is getting pollutedYour greedy colonizerHe is voraciousStealing the blood of man It eats man's fleshDestroys man's soulAnd sells tribute and auctionGilded false hopeTelevision, newspaper Author, illustrator, announcerHe processes lies to the brainsHe says you winThe world of opportunities is this worldThere is a near corner to turn the corner Play, win, lottery, lotteryTry your luck at roulette, pokerOr sell marijuana, heroin, cocaineMore thereMarket your meat, sell your soulLet the deceased dieLet those who cannot find...

Austrian Popular Front: Greek Embassy Call to Action

11 TURKISH REVOLUTIONARY IMPRESSED IN GREECE IS OUR OUR GUEST! In order to abolish the 333-year sentence unfairly and unlawfully given to 11 Turkish Revolutionaries imprisoned in Greece, and to stop the extradition courts conducted jointly by Greece and AKP Fascism; We invite all sensitive people to the action we will take in front of the Greek Embassy and invite them to embrace it...Down with Fascism, Long Live Our Struggle!Revolutionary Prisoners are Our Honor! p>Making a Revolution is a Duty, Not a Crime!You Can't Intimidate Us With Penalties, You Can't Take Us!Down With Collaborative Fascist And Imperialist Powers!We Are Right...

Description of Armutlu People’s Front Public School’ U Magazine

The Public School Magazine Cannot Be Prevented From Writing The Truth And Delivering It To The Public!The PUBLIC SCHOOL magazine was confiscated before the printing phase was completed. .WHY ARE THEY SO SCARED? Because the public school magazine exposes the real face of imperialism with all its nakednessand tells how to give an organized struggle against imperialism.THEY ARE TRYING; because the imperialists, especially America, have to prevent the peoples from learning the facts and organizingin order not to destroy the colonial system and to maintain their reign.Even though they have captured all the media organs of the world with capital,...