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CHP Şişli Municipality Searched for Turan Aktaş in Youth and Family Camp!

We called Şişli Municipality for Turan Aktaş, who has been resisting in front of CHPŞişli Municipality for 611 days to be reemployed. We said that Turan Aktaş is not alone and that all workers who resist should be reinstated. The operator we were connected to hung up the phone in our face after saying these.Turan Aktaş is not alone!Long Live Resistance Long Live Victory! Camp Press Release Commission

Contact was made with the Free Prisoners of Greece in the Family and Youth Camp!

A telephone connection was established with the Free Prisoners of Greece on Wednesday, August 4 and Friday, August 5, during breakfast. On Wednesday, Hazal Seçer and Fikir Kızılkaya were talked to, and on Thursday, Burak Ağarmış and Ali Ercan Gökoğlu spoke. They talked about the unlawful decision they had taken for 30 years and the pressures they faced during the court process. They talked about the torture in the courtroom and that this decision was a political decision. We talked about the videos and activities we shot for them in the Family and Youth camp we were in. Camp Press...

Comradeship Day at Youth and Family Camp!

European Giant-Youth Comradeship Day was held on the 12th day of the Family and Youth camp in France. All the youth in the camp went to a different beach in the form of a convoy. There have been discussions and conversations about happiness, capitalism and revolution. Afterwards, the day ended by playing various games.We did not spend the day alone, but collectively with our comrades. We asked and answered the questions in our minds.We spent time with our comrades against the corrupt understanding of the order. Camp Press-Publishing Commission

Turan Aktaş Continues to Resist for His Job, Bread and Honor!

Get Turan Aktaş Back to WorkTuran Aktaş continues to resist for all workers who were unjustly dismissed from their jobs in front of Şişli Municipality and for their job, bread and dignity. p>CHP Şişli Mayor Muammer Keskin is using various methods to cast a shadow over the resistance and to end the resistance, revealing worker hostility. He threatens Turan Aktaş, has him unjustly detained, and tries to buy him by offering money. Turan Aktaş and the resisting workers are right, nothing can destroy this right. Threats and detentions cannot end the resistance. The resistance and those who resist cannot be...

Writings from Eskişehir Dev-Genç

Eskişehir Dev-Young people wrote articles to convey the voice of Revolutionary Ill Prisoner Ali Osman Köse to the parks where the population is concentrated. People read with interest. Until Ali Osman Köse is released, we will carry his voice everywhere.Let Ali Osman Köse be Released!Eskişehir Dev-Genç< /div>

Eskişehir Dev-Young Description

AKP Fascism Wants to Kill the Revolutionaries! Let's Not Let Fascism Kill Another Revolutionary!It is the indispensable policy of fascism to murder revolutionaries. Revolutionaries are the leaders of the people, they are the ones who give hope to the people. Fascism does not want anyone to be hope for the people. Because the way it survives is that the people are hopeless, cowardly and intimidated. That's why it does its best to take the revolutionaries over. He tries to discourage those who cannot deliver by various methods. The torture of isolation is an example of this.First, he isolates, does not...

Samsung November 2021 security update is rolling out now to these Galaxy devices

While Android 12 for Samsung devices look more likely with each passing week, the Korean firm is rolling on with its consistent monthly security patches. For November 2021, a select few Samsung Galaxy smartphones are already seeing the latest updates. Here’s the full, continuously updated list.Samsung November 2021 security update — what’s newSticking with the excellent track record of early security patch releases, the November 2021 update hit the flagship Galaxy S21 series on October 25. The update isn’t exactly “tiny” either at around 225MB in size.The monthly Samsung Security Maintenance Release (SMR) report notes that the November patch includes...

Takealot’s big Black Friday 2021 plans – including a full month of deals

Takealot has announced that it will run a full month of Blue Dot Sale deals over the course of November in the run-up to Black Friday on 26 November.From 1 – 25 November, the group said it will release tens of thousands of deals each week. It will then hold a five-day Blue Dot Sale at the end of the month.Week 1 (1 – 7 November): large appliances, TVs, audio, furniture, beauty, toys and nappies;Week 2 (8 – 14 November): garden, pool & patio, braai’s, DIY, power tools, laptops & computers, books and liquor;Week 3 (15 – 21 November): bed...