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European Youth Turan Aktaş Description

Turan Aktaş, who has been resisting to be reinstated for 619 days, is our honor! The municipality of Şişli has fired hundreds of workers, including our brother Turan Aktaş, without any reason. started. Those who can't manage Istanbul, will they rule Turkey? Absolutely not! The past of the CHP is full of policies that are hostile to labor. Not only are your hands stained with blood, but you are also after the bread of our people! We, as Europe-Giant Youth, support our brother Turan Aktaş until the end. And we promise to be the voice of the resistance in Europe....

Germany Giant-Youth Collected Public School Magazine Read

On Monday, August 16th, we read articles from the Public School Magazine with a reading group as Germany Giant-Youth. We have read about AKP's crimes. And we have read that fascism attacks not only the people, but also everything, all our wealth, our nature. They don't care about humans or anything else including humans and nature. They are plundering our country just for their own profit. In the article, they talk about the crimes of the AKP, not the saints of nature. The only solution is to fight against imperialism and fascism, the liberation of man and nature is revolution...

European Giant-Young Martyrs Commemoration

Remembrance of our martyrs is to raise the struggle.To remember our martyrs is to enlarge the war. To commemorate our martyrs is not to leave them unjust. As the European Giant-Youths, we commemorated the August 16-22 Revolution martyrs this week. Our commitment to our martyrs is our revolutionary cause. It is our duty to remember, tell and commemorate them. Their memories live on in our struggle!MARTYRS OF THE REVOLUTION ARE IMMORTAL!

Dev-Genç: We Wrote For Ali Osman Köse

We wrote for the release of Ali Osman KÖSE, who was a sick prisoner on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, and to be treated by independent physicians. In the study, we made a total of 4 writings for Ali Osman KÖSE!FREE TO ALI OSMAN KÖSE!WE WANT JUSTICE FOR PATIENT PRISONERS!

Giant-Young People Made Stamps for Ali Osman Köse

As DEV-GENÇLİLER, we have done stamping work for Ali Osman KÖSE, a sick prisoner on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. In order to evacuate cancer patient Ali Osman KÖSE, we made 20 pieces of 50x70 Scales in many parts of the Anatolian side!Our work will continue until Ali Osman KÖSE is released!LET ALI OSMAN KÖSE RELEASE!< p>FREE TO PATIENT PRISONERS!GIANT-YOU

Germany Dev-Genç Group Wrote Card for Commentator Betül Varan

On August 18, 2021, we, as the German Giant-Young people, wrote a card for the free prisoner Grup Yorum member Betül Varan. Betül Varan was a European Giant-Young. In today's world, when millions came to Europe to live better, with the determination to continue their struggle in Turkey, he chose to return to his country and took his place on the art front. He became a Group Commentator, it was considered a crime. That's why our comrade committed this "crime". He was detained, arrested and still imprisoned. Let's take ownership of Betül Varan from Fascism! It is not a crime...

We Watched the Movie Attack on the Stock Exchange as Germany Giant-Young

We watched the movie "Attack on the Stock Exchange" as Germany Giant-Youth on August 20, 2021. The 2013 American movie is about the life of the character named James Baxford. It exposes the filth of the American Bourgeoisie on the stock market. They talk about how they deceived poor people and stole all their savings "for a better life". We've also seen how the American healthcare system works to the detriment of Americans. They always showed how they made people pay for all the treatment with lies.