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Dev-Genç Made Wall Writings About Detentions in Hatay!

GIANT-GENTS on the Anatolian side of Istanbul made graffiti for those who distributed a statement for the press release to be made for Edibe ÖZÇELİK, who was murdered in Hatay, and who were then detained under torture. The struggle for justice will continue for Edibe ÖZÇELİK and AKP Fascism will not be able to prevent it.TO Torture is Dishonored!LET DETENTIONS RELEASE!WE WANT JUSTICE FOR EDIBE ANA! >GIANT-YOU

Europe Giant-Young: We Commemorated August 16-22 Revolution Martyrs

Commemorating our martyrs is raising the struggle.Remembering our martyrs is magnifying the war. Commemorating our martyrs is not leaving them unjust. As European Giant-Youths, we commemorated the August 16-22 Revolution martyrs this week. Our devotion to our martyrs is our reason for revolution. It is our duty to remember, tell and commemorate them. Their memories live on in our struggle! MARTYRS OF THE REVOLUTION ARE IMMORTAL!


Cancer patient, revolutionary prisoner Ali Osman KÖSE has resisted fascism in Turkish prisons for 38 years, fulfilled the requirements of the revolution to which he devoted his life, stood by his people despite torture, oppression and prison massacres, and became an honorable man. It became the name of the revolutionary will. He went on hunger strikes in the juntas, his health deteriorated, but fascism could not receive treatment because it did not give any right to health to the sick prisoners. Today, fascism continues with the AKP. AKP Fascism continues its policies of killing or maiming sick prisoners with the...

DEV-Young People Wrote for ALI OSMAN KÖSE

DEV-Young people on the Anatolian side of Istanbul made graffiti about the release request of sick prisoner Ali Osman KÖSE. A total of 3 writings were made.GIANT-YOU PEOPLE will continue to make their voices heard until Ali Osman KÖSE is released.LET ALI OSMAN KÖSE IMMEDIATELY RELEASED!PATIENT PRISONERS WE WANT JUSTICE FOR! GIANT-YOU

Germany Giant-Young Frankfurt will go in front of the Turkish Consulate

At the call of the Darmstadt Popular Front, we, as the German Giant-Young People, will participate in the Freedom for Ali Osman Köse action in front of the Turkish Consulate in Frankfurt on Wednesday, 25.08.2021. Ali Osman Köse, who was held in the dungeons of fascism for years, had 9 cm bad cysts in his 12 cm pastry. As a result of intense ownership, we gained the right to treatment. But keeping the patient, Prisoner Ali Osman Köse, still in prison means death. He needs to be evacuated immediately to survive. We believe that we can take the revolutionary prisoner...

European Dev-Young Protested in front of the Greek Consulate

Today, on August 25, 2021, as the European Giant-Youth, we held an action in front of the Greek Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany. We once again shouted out the cry for freedom to 11 anti-fascists imprisoned in Greece. If making a victory sign is a crime, let all the leftists in the world be thrown in jail! There is nothing more despicable than 330 years and we will continue to protest this!Free Greek Prisoners!

European Giant-Young took action in front of Turkish consulate

Today, on August 25, 2021, as the European Giant-Youth, we held an action in front of the Turkish consulate in Frankfurt. We demanded the release of sick prisoner Ali Osman Köse. We have been a voice for his voice and we will continue to be. AKP fascism tries to massacre the revolutionaries, but in vain. Revolutionaries never surrender, they never give up. Just as we saved our sister Güler Zere from the hands of the executioners, we will take our brother Ali Osman from those dirty hands in the same way!Freedom for Sick Prisoners!

Europe Giant-Young Written in Rüsselsheim

We wrote as the European Giant-Youth on July 23, 2021. The writings to inform the youth in the neighborhood about 'racism' and to invite them to the ranks of the European Giant-Youth will continue. We will not allow racism to pass, let's unite in the ranks of Europe Giant-Young against racism.One Voice Against Racism, One Heart!