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Wall Newspapers from the People’s Front

People's Front for the sick revolutionary prisoner Ali Osman Köse on August 25, For the Şenyaşar Family, who demanded justice after the murderers were not tried, For Edibe Özçelik, who died during the house raid of the enemies of the people, and Ebru, the valuable lawyer of the people, the goddess of justice. The injustices in our country were exposed by making a wall newspaper for Timtik.

Justice Action in Front of the Consulate General of Greece in Dusseldorf

Freedom was demanded for 11 revolutionaries who were shamefully imprisoned in the name of justice in Greece in front of the Greek Consulate General in Dusseldorf on Wednesday, August 25.Greece, which does not recognize any measure of justice to fulfill the orders of American imperialism and Turkish fascism attacked the state with an unprecedented recklessness and a great hatred in order to intimidate the revolutionaries and force them to surrender. However, there was one thing they forgot: the determination of the revolutionaries to resist and the will to fight against all kinds of injustice.This attack of the collaborative Greek state...

Wall Newspapers from the May Day Popular Front

One May Popular Front produced 4 wall newspapers on 26 August. We will not allow AKP fascism to murder Ali Osman KöseLet the Revolutionary Ill Prisoner Ali Osman Köse Released!Let Elif Ersoy's Demands Be Accepted!Public School Magazine is the People Can't Be Silenced!We Want Justice for the Şenyaşar Family!

Armutlu People’s Front Statement: Ebru Timtik is Immortal

Fuat Erdoğan to Ebru Timtik Continues The Struggle of People's Lawyers!Lawyer Ebru Timtik, who was sentenced to 159 years of capis, invested with the words "If a lawyer dies, he will seek justice in his grave" starve your body. Ebru Timtik was sentenced to 159 years in prison for working as the people's lawyer and fighting for justice with the people.This 159-year sentence was given to Ebru Timtik; , 301 Mining Workers, Grup Yorum,Nuriye and Semih and were given for handling many cases. Being the People's Advocate was not a crime, but EbruTimtik was given a 159-year prison sentence for...

European Popular Front: Increasing Our Ownership for Justice

Every part of us is surrounded by injustice, lawlessness, oppression and terror.Every segment of the public is the target of this injustice and unlawfulness.Against injustice. Every position we wage war on is a part of our war against all injustices.Today's fight for the freedom of our sick prisoner comrade Ali Osman Köse is the symbol of our struggle for the freedom of all sick prisoners.Greece Our struggle for the freedom of Turkish revolutionaries against the unlawful punishments given to the revolutionaries in Turkey is a symbolic struggle against all unlawfulness.Our struggle for the freedom of Erdal Gökoğlu is a flag...

British Popular Front Attends Justice March for Bournemouth Mehmet Altun

He participated in the march for Mehmet Altun, who was murdered by gangs at the age of 13 by gangs in the city of Bournemouth, England.Thousands participated in the march for Mehmet Altun on Saturday, 28 August .The British Popular Front took its place in the march and stood by Mehmet Altun's family. Justice was demanded for Mehmet Altun.Slogans such as "We want justice for Mehmet Altun", "We know Mehmet's murderers", "We will not allow gangs" were chanted throughout the protest.England where the protest ended. The Popular Front made a speech against corruption.