The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Public School 90th issue is out

ECHR'S İNYALANI:“EbruTimtik and Aytaç Ünsal voluntarily risked their lives” REALITY: Justice Fighter Who Deprived People's Lawyers of their Right to a Fair Trial, Unjustly Sentenced to 159 Years, Forced to Perform a Death Fast It is AKP's Fascism and Imperialism that Murdered EbruTimtik and Crippled Aytaç Ünsal by Depriving her of her Right to Treatment!The Purpose of the ECtHR is to Justify the Crime of MassacreEuropean Democracy is a Big Lie, They are Responsible for its Exploitation and Injustices!School90 . Click to Download the Issue...Click to Reach All Issues of the Public School...Owner and Responsible Editor: İrfan YILMAZAddress: Hobyar Mah....

Austrian Popular Front: Action in Front of the Greek Consulate in Vienna

MAKING REVOLUTIONARY IS NOT A CRIME, IT IS A HISTORICAL MISSION.On Saturday, July 31, a protest event was held in front of the Greek Embassy in Vienna for 11 Turkish Revolutionaries against Unlawful Punishments of up to 333 years. The German Declaration of the Anti-Imperialist Front was loudly read and the demand for freedom was shouted with slogans in German thrown at 11 Turkish Marxist-Leninist revolutionary prisoners. US-EU imperialists, Fascism of Turkey and Greece and Marxist -They are attacking Leninist ideology and socialist ideas.They will never be able to subdue the tradition of free captivity.We make a note of history...

İzmir People’s Front: The Family of Tahir Çetin, Head of Independent Maden İş, was visited

Family and grave of Independent Mine Workers' Union President Tahir Çetin, who lost his life as a result of a traffic accident on 9 July while returning from the resistance of the miners who were in the Resistance to get their rights in Ankara, was visited by the İzmir Popular Front and the İzmir Revolutionary Workers' Movement . The letter sent by Remzi Uçucu on behalf of the Free Prisoners of İzmir Kırıklar F 1prison was read to the family and delivered to Tahir Çetin's brother Öncü Çetin.