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İzmir People’s Front: The Family of Tahir Çetin, Head of Independent Maden İş, was visited

Family and grave of Independent Mine Workers' Union President Tahir Çetin, who lost his life as a result of a traffic accident on 9 July while returning from the resistance of the miners who were in the Resistance to get their rights in Ankara, was visited by the İzmir Popular Front and the İzmir Revolutionary Workers' Movement . The letter sent by Remzi Uçucu on behalf of the Free Prisoners of İzmir Kırıklar F 1prison was read to the family and delivered to Tahir Çetin's brother Öncü Çetin.

Mannheim People’s Front Description

Forest fires, floods and massacres are what they say when they scorch the country" "What is needed is being done!" So what are they doing?They are throwing tea from the top of the bus!For the people, in the hands of the state, There is nothing to be used for the homeland.They are incapable of putting out the ongoing forest fires and they are preventing it from being put out.They are again preparing for plunder without wasting time. Those who spoke out against the massacre in Konya They are releasing the police, which has no function other than "attacking the public."...

Popular Front Statement: It is AKP Fascism that sold our homeland and burned our forests

Our country has been burning with forest fires for a week. For a week, traitors have set fire to our forests from all sides. Forest fires occurred at 150 different points in 32 provinces. Forest is defined in dictionaries: It is a land ecosystem consisting of various trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, fungi, microorganisms, insects and animals of a certain height and size, generally formed naturally in the soil area. .It takes at least 100 years for a forest to form.29% of Turkey is covered with forests. These areas are getting smaller and drier with each passing year.However, our topic today...

Description of Armutlu People’s Front Turan Aktaş

CHPŞişli Mayor Muammer Keskin Stop Being Enemy Of The Public And Don't Play With The People's Bread More!CHPŞişli Mayor Muammer Keskin; He does not stop attacking Turan Aktaş, who took action because he was fired from his job and suffered injustice, as if he fired the workers working in the municipality without looking at him. Muammer Keskin's supporters gave a blank check to Turan Aktaş, who has been protesting the mayor of Şişli Muammer Keskin for more than 600 days because he wanted his job back, and said, "Write the amount of money you want and stop taking action," immorally....

Public School 91st Issue Is Out

DECISION TO COLLECT OUR 89TH ISSUE BEFORE THE PRINTING SHOP IS OUT! Since the Police Raid on Ozan Publishing on March 10, 2021, We Have Contacted More Than 20 Printing Houses Each One Threatened by AKP Fascism THE REVOLUTIONARY, REVOLUTIONARY AND RESISTANCES WILL NOT BE SUCCESSFUL TO DRAW FROM THE PEOPLE!THEY CANNOT REFORM US, THEY CANNOT FORCE TO IDEOLOGICAL SURPRISE!Click to Download the 91st Issue of the School... Click Here To Reach...Owner and Responsible Editor: İrfan YILMAZAddress: Hobyar Mah. Cemal Nadir Sok. Büyük Milas Han, No:24 İçkapı No:220Fatih/İSTANBULOffset Preparation: Ozan PublishingAddress: Zübeyde Hanım Mah. Fevzi Cakmak Cad. 1297. Sokak No: 1...