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We Want Justice for Free Prisoners Campaign Launched in Greece

In Greece, democratic institutions were raided in line with the instructions of the EU, US imperialism and Turkish fascism, and 11 people were arrested with conspiracy. Last July, he was brought to court for the first time after 16 months, and 11 people were sentenced to 333 years in prison unlawfully.As the Popular Front of Greece, we will not accept these unlawfulnesses. Revolution is the most honorable task in the world. We will not allow revolutionism to be declared terrorism. The real terrorists are the imperialists who occupied the countries that massacred the peoples. With this legitimacy, we demand freedom...

Justice Watch for 11 Turkish Revolutionaries Imprisoned in Greece Continues on Day 2

The campaign, which started with the demand for a fair trial for 11 Turkish revolutionaries imprisoned by the collaborationist Mitsotakis government in cooperation with the US and EU imperialism and Turkish fascism and sentenced to 333 years in prison unjustly, continues with a vigil in Propilia Square. On the first day of the justice watch, freedom was demanded for 11 Turkish revolutionaries with banners, slogans and leaflets. We continue to demand justice with our banners, tens and proclamations on the second day of the justice watch.

Mass Study Held in Okmeydanı

People's Front People in Okmeydanı held a mass campaign on 31 August to explain the injustices she experienced by Elif Ersoy, editor-in-chief of the marching magazine. In the study, 20 magazines were distributed and the study lasted for 3 hours.