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Turan Aktaş, Resisting for His Bread, Walks to Ankara

Turan Aktaş Salih Şahin and Ramazan Çelik, who resist for their bread and honor, are marching to Ankara in front of Şişli Municipality on September 15, 2021.Our people! Turan Aktaş is praying not only for himself but for all workers. Let's embrace this resistance, let's embrace Turan Aktaş.We Are Workers, We Are Right We Will WinVictory Will Be the Resisting Laborer

Germany -Giant Youth Attends Rally Against Racism and Police Violence

He participated in the "Against Racism and Police Violence" rally organized by the Hamburg Popular Front on July 17, 2021.The rally was enthusiastic and joyful. Approximately 210 people attended. Grup Yorum and guest artist Hakan Akmaz accompanied them with folk songs. Statements were read, folk songs were sung, meals were given, halay dances were performed.The racist policies of the German state were completely exposed. Examples of NSU Nazi gang's relations with the intelligence organization or Oury Jalloh, who was brutally burned in his cell in 2005, were mentioned. It was also told about 15-year-old Kadir, who was attacked by 5...

New Book by Boran Publications: The Name of Freedom for Sick Prisoners Güler Zere

Book Title: The Name of Freedom for Sick Prisoners Güler ZereEditor: Dilber Güneş Publisher: Boran Publishing Date: July 2021 His book Click to DownloadClick for People's Voice Library Preface:Güler Freedom for Zere Campaign is a first in the history of struggle in our country, a new tradition created. It showed that sick prisoners are not homeless, and that no sick prisoner will be allowed to be 'quietly exterminated' in a blind cell.The AKP government first makes the prisoners sick with isolation, and then they die silently. Therefore, isolation has been defined as "silent destruction".Prisoners in our country are murdered by...

Eid Message from Free Prisoners of Greece

Hello, our people, who earn their living with their sweat, say donate your meat to those who do not eat meat all year in their commercials. This is the proof of hunger and poverty. Hunger for our people; Those who see poverty as normal are also trying to take away our right to resist, to intimidate us by building new prisons, and to persecute our holidays where we experience little happiness and joy. Today, we are the descendants of Kızıldere. and no poverty; We celebrate your holiday by promising that we will bring holidays and free tomorrows. Free Prisoners of...