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Giant-Genç hung a banner for Ali Osman Köse

We hung 2 banners in Istanbul/Anatolia for the release of revolutionary, sick prisoner Ali Osman Köse and for him to be treated by independent physicians. p>Although Ali Osman KÖSE is a cancer patient and has many other diseases, he has been imprisoned in the cells of fascism for 38 years.Let Ali Osman Köse be Released Immediately!Freedom for Sick Prisoners!< /p>We Want Justice!Dev-Young

Free Prisoners Prison Addresses in Greece

Ali Ercan Gökoğlu- Burak Ağarmış: Malandrino Prison ΤΚ33053 MALANDRİNUHasan Kaya- Sinan Çam: Malandrino Prison ΤΚ 33053 MALANDRİNU Sadi Naci Özpolat: ΔΙΑVΑΤA Prison ΤΚ 540 ΔΙΑVΑΤΑ ThessalonikiANIL SAYAR :ΑGΙΟ ΣΤΕFΑΝU PRISON ΤΚ 26500 PATRAHALIL DEMIR : GRAVENA PRISON ΤΚ 51100 GRAVENASinan Oktay Özen/ İsmail Zat : DOMOKUS PRISON - TK 35010, LAMIA-DOMOKUWonderful KIZILKAYA-Hazal Seçer: KORIDALLOS WOMEN'S PRISON -ΤΚ 18122 ΚΟΡIDALO

11 Revolutionaries From Turkey Are Not Alone

Greek Fascism was not content with the punishments it gave to 11 Revolutionary Prisoners from Turkey and sent Sinan Oktay Özen, Halil Demir, İsmail Zat, Hasan Kaya and Sinan Çam from his Koridallo prison to other prisons by a Ministry Decision, in order to take advantage of the imperialism he served as his servant. Down with imperialism.Down with Fascism.Revolutionary Prisoners are Our Honor.

Football Tournament Against Corruption and Gangbanging in England Has Ended

Football Tournament Against Corruption and Gangs in EnglandFinal EndedPir Sultan Cultural Center and Clubs Union Week 2 Summer League completedWith Pir Sultan Cultural Center and Clubs Union The jointly organized Summer League was concluded with the final matchesMessages are given to inform the youth against corruption and gangs, and to inform our youth about the importance of friendship, brotherhood, unity, sharing togetherness and the importance of our own culture, values ​​and institutions here. The final match of the 2021 summer league, organized by the pir sultan cultural center and TTFF Clubs union against corruption, resulted in a magnificent night. It...

New Book From Atır Publications No Place For Intimidation In Our ranks

Book Title: No Room for Despair In Our LinesAuthor Name: Rezzan ŞengülPublisher: AttitudePrint Date: August-2021 Downloading the Book Click forClick for Public Voice LibraryIn a guerrilla barrelIn a worker's sledgehammer In a student boycottRight thereclenched fistsour poems. Writing poetry to life, historical action of revolutionaries. And this action, by its natureinvolves life in a depth ranging from love to sacrifice. REZZAN SENGÜL conveys this depth to us in a simple language and style with his poems.By keeping the names of those who marched on the path of revolution for the people, for the homeland, and those who created a revolutionary...

We Know and Will Take Our Rights in Europe from TAVIR Publishing

Book Title: We Know Our Rights in Europe and We Will Take It By: Sena Erkoç Publishing House: Tavır Publications Published Date: August-2021 Click to Download the BookClick for the Public's Voice LibraryWe Know and Will Take Our Rights in Europe Knowledge is Power Seeking Right is Also a Right We Will Live and Win With This Knowledge! Foreword; The struggle for rights stems from the emergence of humanity It has always continued against the oppressor and the cruelty of the oppressor until today. In class societies, the ruling class has always resorted to oppression in order to establish its...

Anyone can become a member of Grup Yorum from TAVIR Broadcasts

Book Title: Anyone Can Become a Member of Grup Yorum Edited by Umut Gültekin Publisher: Tavır PublicationsPrint Date: August-2021 Click Here To Download Her BookClick For The People's Voice LibraryPreface;First, Helin and İbrahim, the seven notes I would like to start by saluting their commanders.HELLO TO STAR STARLIBRAHİM GÖKÇEKHELLO TO IMMORTAL SHARKIHELIN BÖLEKThis book is their It was written to help us shape our common emotional and spiritual form, describing our common ideological and political unity after the resistance. We learned to be ordinary from them and to be a soldier when it was our turn.Yes, ordinary but never by...