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Umut TV – Public Agenda Europe Program Has Been Broadcast

In this week's program, we focus on the strike of the train drivers, which has affected our lives intensely and almost paralyzed public transportation, for two days in Germany. How do we view this strike, which is almost like a lynching campaign in the press, what are the demands of the resisting workers, all and more will be in our program... Let's Watch Umut Tv, Let's Have You Watch! We Share the Link of Our Video With You: https://Youtu .Be/Izgtimzybcı

Breakfast Event Held at İdil Cultural Center

Breakfast was held at İdil Cultural Center on 15.08.2021. At the breakfast, the importance of the Attitude Magazine, which was published again after a long hiatus, was mentioned. While the corrupt culture of the bourgeoisie was imposed on the people with all kinds of means, Tavır Magazine was told that it continued its struggle in the field of culture and art alone and together with the people. It was also stated that every Attitude reader should be a distributor at the same time.In addition, Turan Aktaş himself explained the legitimacy of his resistance for his bread at the breakfast event...

Umut Tv: We Are Waging War Against Racism! Knowledge is Power Program – Racism Part 2

div>This week, as Umut TV, we are waging a war against racism.We started the week first with our Knowledge is Power program. 2 of the issue of racism.Here we are with the section. How do we experience racism? On the streets and in schoolsHow do we experience racism? Are we getting our money's worth? All these questionsYou can watch the answers and more in our video. Racism this weekFollow, like and share the videos we will post about you. InformationLet's follow our Knowledge is Power program to increase our treasure! Like our videoand don't forget to subscribe to our channel....

People’s Lawyers Ebru Timtik and Aytaç Ünsal

Book Title: People's Lawyers Ebru Timtik and Aytaç Ünsal Book PublishedPrint Date: August-2021For Downloading the Book ClickClick for the Public's Voice LibraryMaking a Decision to Resist is a Proclamation of Victory!Death Fast Resistance;Decision of Defeat It is a form of resistance that does not exist!"I am not helpless! I will never surrender!" It is the highest form of saying and attacking People's LawyersEBRU TIMTIC IS IMMORTALAYTAÇ ÜNSAL IS OUR HONOR Anger And Dare The Two Children of JusticeStrikes the Sword, They Change The LawThe Decision Is History, Your Order Will Be DestroyedThe People's Advocates of Derki; div>