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So finden Sie billige Esszimmersets

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On the 54th Day of Grup Yorum Hunger Strike

Group Comment members hungerOn the 54th day of their strike, they continue their resistance in İdil Cultural Center. GroupThe hunger strike will continue its resistance until their request for comment is accepted.Prisoner Grup Yorum members indefinitelythey are on hunger strikeSpring Kurt; 30Barış Yuksel; 23İbrahim Gökçek; 23Helin Bölek; 22Support Group Comment memberslet's be, let's write letters, let's make their demands heard everywhere, they are the people'sThey were arrested while performing their artistry. Let's own them. İdil CultureLet's go to the support center.

Support from European Giant-Youths to Grup Yorum Hunger Strike

Started by Group CommentIn order to support the indefinite hunger strike, we, as the European Giant-Youth, 9We were on a 1-day support hunger strike on Tuesday, July.Group Comment requests are oursare also our demands! Group Comment is People, GroupWe are the comment!Remove Lists!Prisoned members immediatelybe released! Concert bansremove it!Don't let our institution print!European Dev-Young iframe>

Netherlands Grup Yorum Volunteers Support Hunger Strike

Saturday 13 July in Rotterdam, Netherlands GroupWe will support the hunger strike carried out by COMMENT by setting up tents.Group COMMENT requests: – Release of our members, lawsuitswe want it dropped!– During the state of emergency, İdil Cultural Center was raided eight times. PoliceWe want their raids to end!– Our members include those wanted in the Ministry of Interior.It has been put on "terror lists", we want the list removed!– Concert bans should be lifted, squares are for Grup Yorumlet it open. We want a Grup Yorum concert!All our people to our tent action on Saturday, July 13th.we are waiting....

On the 55th Day of Grup Yorum Hunger Strike

On the 55th day of the hunger strike of Grup Yorum members, İdil KültürThey continue their resistance in the center. Group Comment requests are accepted.The hunger strike will continue untilPrisoner Grup Yorum members are on an indefinite hunger strikeSpring Wolf; 31Baris Yuksel; 24Ibrahim Gokcek; 24Helin Bolek; 23Let's support Grup Yorum members, write letters,Let's announce their demands everywhere, while they are the artists of the peoplethey were arrested. Let's own them. Support to İdil Cultural Centerlet's go.

Paris Resistance; We Shared Grup Yorum’s Hunger!

Paris Resistance and three of our people joined Grup Yorum.They went on a one-day hunger strike to support the hunger strike.AKP Fascism, with its music that gathered millions in our country,Although he tried a thousand and one ways to prevent Grup Yorum, who poured out their pain into melodies,we continue to sing folk songs!Group Comment is the People and Can't Be Silenced!The Folk Songs Don't Stop, The Halays Continue!Paris Insurgents

On the 56th Day of Grup Yorum Hunger Strike

The members of Grup Yorum continue their resistance at the İdil Cultural Center on the 56th day of the hunger strike.Hunger until the Grup Yorum demands are accepted. Prisoner Grup Yorum members are on an indefinite hunger strike:Bahar Kurt: on its 32nd dayBaris Yuksel: on its 25th day< div>İbrahim Gökçek: on its 25th dayHelin Bölek on its 24th dayLet's support the members of Grup Yorum, write letters and announce their demands everywhere. They were arrested while they were the people's artist. Let's protect them too. Let's support İdil Cultural Center.

Police Raid on Ankara İdilcan Cultural Center

12.07.2019At around 16.00 Ankara İdilcan Kültür by the Police of the AKP with Bloody HandsOur Center Has Been Raided Once Again. Time: The Killer of the AKP Entering at 16.00Police raided İdilcan Cultural Center until 08:30. İdilcanGiving Eyes to the People with Long Barrel Guns on the Street where the Cultural Center isHe has worked. Agile To Places Where Our Neighborhood Is Very Busy At NoonIt was blockaded by the Force Police and Special Operations Police.Pictures of AKP's Murderer Police Martyrs. freeThey stole the cartoons and letters made by our prisoners in the Walking Magazine and the Attitude Magazine. StormThey...