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Germany Grup Yorum Volunteers: We are in Berlin on the 4th Day of the Long March!

We started our long walk from Cologne since 29.11.2019, and after Duisburg and Dortmund, we came to the city of Bremen.On 02.12.2019, we arrived in Berlin as Germany Grup Yorum Volunteers.We told the people who greeted us in Berlin about our long walk and our schedule.After making the missing preparations, we planned what we would do in Berlin for 2 days and went home in the evening.Long walk Our friend Dilber, who has been on hunger strike throughout the year, is on the 4th day of her hunger strike.Group Comment Volunteers from Germany

Grup Yorum Concert in Mexico

As Grup Yorum, we took part in the 100th Anniversary Concert of the Mexican Communist Party on November 30, 2019 in Mexico. We sang our anthems. In our speeches, we first greeted the revolutionary struggle of the Latin American Peoples and briefly talked about the history of Grup Yorum. Once again, we announced our Hunger Strike Resistance and our demands here. We met with great enthusiasm during the concert and after the concert we came together and chatted with the Mexican people. They welcomed us with great joy and said that they embraced our struggle. We ended our concert with...

On the 206th Day of Grup Yorum Hunger Strike Resistance

The members of Grup Yorum were going to hold two concerts in Istanbul and Adana, this meant a nightmare for fascism and they thought that they would disrupt the concert preparations by raiding the İdil Cultural Center immediately. arrested. The concert to be held in Adana afterwards was banned by the district governor's office.The pressures could not silence the voice of Grup Yorum with threats and detentions. Grup Yorum members laid their bodies on hunger in order to be able to perform their concert again today. There is no power that can defeat a will that is willing to die...

Folk songs were sung in support of Grup Yorum at İkitelli

İkitelli's local artists, Grup Özlem, organized an event on Saturday, December 7th to support the group due to the pressure on Grup Yorum. In the event held at the İkitelli Dersimliler Association, the folk songs of Grup Yorum, which has been on hunger strike for more than 200 days, were sung and dances were performed. At the same time, the Ikitelli Popular Front statement was made and Mustafa Koçak's death fast was mentioned and the letter written by Mustafa on the 150th day was read. By singing Grup Yorum folk songs from İkitelli to the banned concert of Grup Yorum...

On the 207th Day of Grup Yorum Hunger Strike Resistance

On the 207th day of Grup Yorum's indefinite hunger strike resistance, GrupYorum members continue to organize concerts despite all pressures, and their institutions were raided 10 times in two years. Their instruments were broken, they were tortured, there were fake news about them.Grup Comment has stood firm against all these pressures because it loves the people and its homeland and because of its ideological solidity. Grup Yorum is the one who will accompany us with its folk songs and anthems when we stop at the halay dance on that big day. The songs of Grup Yorum are writing a diary...

Day 9 of Germany’s We Want Justice Long March

We were in Hamburg again on the 9th day of the 'We Want Justice' long march that we started as the Germany Grup Yorum Volunteers. On December 7, 2019, we distributed leaflets in Hamburg's Altona region and visited the shopkeepers. and Erdal Gökoğlu were held in front of the prison. Our German friends also read the solidarity messages. As hikers, we also spoke. We listened to Grup Yorum songs from time to time with our boxing. Erdal Gökoğlu and Musa Aşoğlu were sentenced to years in prison in Hamburg for being revolutionaries. We emphasized that by explaining the Turkish process...

Hunger Strike Tent Calls to Resistance in Mannheim, Germany

December 8 Mustafa Koçak's protest in front of Mannheim train station on Sunday. death fast and the indefinite hunger strike of Grup Yorum members Notices were distributed and signatures were collected. Cavit Yilmaz "I want justice for Mustafa Kocak!" every weekend at the request continued his hunger strike. Legal According to the procedure, those who organize actions or events, until the audience reaches 25 people. Assign up to 2 people to security. A security guard this week. to our people, the police said, "This cannot be this person." said. When asked for reasons They put forward the phrase "approved by...

Grup Yorum is on an indefinite hunger strike

Group Comment members laid their bodies on starvation for their demands to be granted. Released Grup Yorum members Bahar Kurt and Helin Bölek are outside. they continue their resistance. Their resistance is growing day by day. Days the hours pass, the members of Grup Yorum are resisting, their hunger and their future. they are setting up. Resistances While they continue, they are working to increase the resistance even more. Other visiting the insurgents. They grow solidarity. Group Comment date continues to write, and we do our best as part of this history. we must do more. We are the ones...

TAVIR Magazine’s 169th Issue Is Out!

WE WANT JUSTICE! Let the İdil Cultural Center not be Published! Concert Bans Should Be Lifted! Group Comment Members Should Be Removed From Terrorist Lists! Let Imprisoned Members Be Released! Let the Lawsuits Be Dropped Against! The Journal of Attitude in Culture and Art, Issue 169 is out After a long time, we are together again with you, our readers. We are happy to be in... It was a period when culture and art increased as well. Most of these pressures Revolutionary artists and institutions, the greatest fear of fascism, got its share. All concerts of Grup Yorum, big and...