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Interview with Helin Bölek, Member of Indefinite Hunger Strike Resistance Grup Yorum, from Halkın Sesi TV

"The darkest moment of the night is the closest to dawn. This resistance is the resistance of Grup Yorum and the entire people. " Grup Yorum members are resisting by revealing their bodies against pressures, detentions, arrests, concert bans, and the state's colorful terror lists. Grup Yorum voices the people's demand for freedom and independence with their hunger after their songs. We are publishing the interview we made with Grup Yorum Member Helin Bölek on 12 December.

There is a message from Bahar Kurt on the 186th Day of the Hunger Strike

“The threat of raid, arrest, ban, and now forced intervention… No matter what they do, they will not be able to break our resistance. We will not allow the three valiant people's artists in the dungeons of fascism to be crippled by forceful intervention. Uncle Yunus, Sister Mary, Uncle Ahmet, Aunt Tuzun, Aunt Zuhal, Uncle Mahmut, keep your hearts at ease. Barış, İbrahim and Ali are the children of the people. We will take them away from the oppressor. We will work harder and share freedom for our comrades with whom we have shared hunger for two seasons. Victory will...

214th Day of Grup Yorum Hunger

“And I can fight… I find right, I find right,I find beautifulFor everything and everyone.”The resistance of Grup Yorum members continues, they set an example for us with their hunger and show that everyone should do something for Grup Yorum. We will be the voice of Grup Yorum. We will be the hope in their left breast in captivity. We will fight for the free days offered by Grup Yorum to the peoples and to us, and together we will build the future together. Let's be a voice for Grup Yorum and increase our resistanceHunger Strike Days of Captive Grup...

We Attended the “Combating Antistalinism” Conference on Stalin’s 140th Birthday

Stalin's 140th Birthday So Organized "The Struggle Against Antistalinism Is The Only Condition For Today's Revolutions" 'Group Comment, Germany People's Conference on 13,14,15 December We joined as the Front and the Anti-Imperialist Front. Belarus to the conference apart from us, Russia, Czech, Ukraine, Moldova, Belgium, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Croatia, Kyrgyzstan and Philippine countries participated. By the Communist Workers' Party of Belarus At the conference held in Minsk, the ideological struggle against anti-Stalinism and Do not refute the lies of the anti-Stalinists with concrete information and a speech describing how it should be to continue the struggle we did. More than...

Turkish version of Grup Yorum’s Roboski Poetry

Reviews Uludere in Sirnak Review Group in 2011 by the state Robos massacred the Kurds have done for our people that the poem was published. Turkish words of our poetry p>div> Poet: Halil Demir p>div> Group Comments: Hope GÜLTEKİN, İHSAN CİBELİK, Sena ERKOÇ p>div> Voiceover: Ahmed FLOWER (Review Group Volunteer) p>div> Şükriye Akar (Anti-Imperialist Front of Workers) p>div> M. Director - Fiction: Sena ERKOÇ p>div> iframe> the evening of December 28, 2011 Anatolian peoples of the new fascism He witnessed a massacre. Şırnak, Uludere township Roboski In the village, who were forced to go to the people to survive for...

Ras El Seni Event of Tekebaşı People’s Assembly Was Held With Enthusiasm!

On the New Year's Day of the Arab Alevi people, on January 14, Tekebaşı PeopleAssembly held an event in the Multi-Purpose Hall. This studyPreparations were started days before for the announcement.500 invitations to the public with the door work.distributed and 8 blueprints were hung in the central places of the neighborhood for the call. Our friend who applied close to the event start timeCalled by the gendarmerie station command and you need to signwas summoned to the police station. Our friend who went to the police station “With Grup YorumIf you make a live connection, we will print it, we...

Revolutionary Unionist Hasan Biber on the Victory of Mahir Kılıç

Revolutionary unionist Hasan Biber's victory over Mahir KılıçWe share the poem he wrote about…THE PATHWAY OF VICTORY IS RESISTANCE Classesthose who resist in the struggle In the glory of historythey go on living! The ones who don't resistthey have degenerated Path to victorythe opener is resistance!with... Revolutionary WorkerLed by the Movement Mahir KILIÇwin your resistanceflagged in the consciousness of the public! Labor labor palebreathe Ayazda snowin the mud Victory your resistancecrowning Mahir KILIÇ we salute!30. 01.2020Hasan BİBER

Grup Yorum’s Voice of Resistance was in Oslo

The voice of Grup Yorum, which resists the demands of the righteous, continues to resonate everywhere. Grup Yorum worker Sena Erkoç had a meeting with the representative of Safemuse, together with the representative of Freemuse, on the history, struggle and resistance of Grup Yorum on 31 January.The Safe Music Havens Initiative ( Safemuse)- (Safe Music Housing Initiative) invited Grup Yorum member Sena Erkoç on 1 February. While discussing the history of Grup Yorum since its establishment, hosted by Safemuse, it was demanded that the pressures on comment come to an end by drawing attention to its struggle. In the news...