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The Anti-Imperialist Front was in front of the Turkish Embassy in Athens

Located in Athens, the capital of Greece, TurkeyThe act of justice, which takes place every Friday in front of the Embassy, ​​is this week's InternationalIt was held with the participation of the symposium components. Turkey at 13:00The Anti-Imperialist Front gathered in front of the embassy.participants shouted slogans in Turkish, Greek, English and Spanish.he wanted freedom.Grup Yorum was also at the action, which was attended by about 50 people.with his tunes. Grup Yorum members, who will give a concert on Sunday,He excited the audience with his melodies in the action. Halay focused on Grup Yorum tunes.Desiring freedom for political prisoners on...

Grup Yorum Interview and Comments from Russia

div> "My God, we Socialism grandchildren - and we do not have such a group"b>div> Russia Konstantin Semin's Program One Week To 75 ThousandReachedb> p>div> 1900 people were Comment!B> p>div>The review of all commentsthe music, worldview, their posture, there is admiration for the resistance. IbrahimMAG Group as well bitiremezs your comment! You not destroy usit operates we hope that the voice of all the peoples of the world Review GroupWe'll move! p>div> Free Group Reviewb> p>div>I freegrupy p>div> Groups Solidarity Committee Commentsb> p>div>Some of the comments; Part 1: p>div>Сергей Wos to p>div>that triumphant socialism homelandIn our country, that we do...

Poetry from Stuttgart Grup Yorum Volunteers

73 WoundsOh Izmir, oh glorious IzmirOfficers with doctor silhouetteThe torturer executioner is cut in his bosomI would freeze hereBegins session with all officialProsecutor's doctor, gendarmerieThat moment is an indestructible willMy Prometheus-faced MustafaSeventy-three wounds were openedI'm around twenty-eightIn her thirty-pound bodySeventy-three Newroz flowersAt that moment, neither a scream nor a feardaggered teethParts Alaman serumDesperate torturersThey cover their faults with laughterAnd those who come offIt's a loud sound, hear it!Köroğlu's cry in BoluBinboğa is Dadaloğlu's instrumentPir Sultan in Banaz plateauBedreddins against the armies of princesDefending honor and fairnessThey are our voiceTheyThey spent their lives in warSnow melted in ErciyesThe pomegranate stood in...

Attitude Magazine March 2020 Grup Yorum Special Issue Is Out!

ResistanceGrup Yorum, the indomitable voice of hope and the people born from its day, on the one handWhile continuing to resist, on the other hand, he left Greece as an internationalist.He went to Cuba, from Mexico to Belarus and showed his solidarity with the peoples of the world,and told the peoples of the world about his resistance exceeding 200 days today.Your experience,sharing their experiences and beliefs in socialism with them and full of hope.He sang their songs with them. The hearts of those who resist all over the worldscored together.Of course thisThroughout the journey we have seen once again the...

Support for Death Fasts in Greece Hunger Strike Continues

People's Front in Greece; Grup Yorum members andMustafa Koçak's pursuit of art freely and demands for justiceIndefinite Hunger Strike resistance they started to support the Death Fast resistance.continues.Resistanceist Hasan Farsak 29 days, Hüseyin Sungü 16 daysOur Greek friend Sofia is on a hunger strike today.supported the strike and issued a short message of solidarity.

International Internet Action for Mustafa And İbrahim

On Tuesday, April 14, at 18:00 (Europe time) / 19:00(Turkey time) International Internet Action for Grup Yorum and Mustafa Koçakwill be arranged...Artists from different countries, international solidarityFriends in the campaign will participate.In the program, Grup Yorum folk songs from many parts of the worldThere will be solidarity videos and messages, explanations and hashtag work…LIVE ACTION LINKIT WILL BE RELEASED ON MONDAY…We made this call to keep Mustafa Koçak and İbrahim Gökçek alive.Let's spread it all over the world, join the program with hundreds of thousands and express our demands.Let's share!Mustafa Koçak andİbrahim Gökçek Must Live!Helin BölekIt is immortal!Committee for Solidarity...