The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Pencil Political Cartoon Humor Magazine 2nd Issue Is Out!

Life is full of contradictions as a requirement of dialectics. Opposites coexist. Beauty-the-ugly, good-bad, right-wrong. We cannot consider any of them separately. Crying and laughing are two emotions to be evaluated within this dialectical law. And when it comes to laughing, humor comes to mind.We come from a people who are oppressed, exploited, ignored and condemned to live face to face with pain all their lives. Although it may seem like a contradiction, we are the grandchildren of humorists and humorists, which sprout as a kind of rebellion of consciousness kneaded with pain, in accordance with the laws of the...

A New Poetry by the Revolutionary Poet Hasan Biber: Shout Class Hatred in the Squares

CALL ON SQUARE CLASS KINE that we produce sting steel We are the one who cooksvaccine bread! We are the one who creates maker >deaths of starvation! Mauser bullet does not hide its flameyour hatred! byyoureyes We will either cry outwe willbecome Ferhat in the mountainsP> Fire in the middlep> Under the leadp> boomingp> gürler our hearts in the fight!P> p> < p> your eyes Let your voice echo freedoms! 24.12.2020 Greece-Athens< /p> /p> /p> /p> /p> /p>

Freedom for Grup Yorum from Catalonia

In Catalonia, artists are alwaysTogether they sang songs for Grup Yorum and held the Freedom for Grup Yorum banner.they opened.Artists social mediaThey showed their solidarity once again by posting the support video on their website. Freedom to Grup YorumFrom Catalonia SolidarityTo Grup_Yorum Free Grup YorumTot El Nostre Suport En LaLluita Per LaLlibertat

New Book by Revolutionary Poet Hasan Biber: Hope Can’t Be A Captive

Book Title: Hope Is Not CaptiveAuthor Name: Hasan BiberPublisher: Boran Publishing HousePublish Date:February 2021To Download Book Click div>People's VoiceFor Library Click“Weapon and songI use all the dark with thesei beatblooming in the blood of my childin my working wife's upright gazeand the sharp insomnia of mobsweapon and song" Hasan, one of the poets of the fightHüseyin Korkmazgil is like this in his poem KızılırmakIt says . The author of this book is our brother,Our comrade Hasan Biber also sheds all the darknesswith two things, gun and poetryA poet of a fight who believes he can win is a revolutionary poet.Poetry...

Anti-Corona Turkish Folk Song Night in Belgium!

In Belgium, on Saturday, February 27, in order not to surrender to Corona conditionswas broadcast live. Published on the Facebook page of the Belgian People's Agendato the folk song night Tanar Çatalpınar, Nazmi Durak, Ünal Yıldırım, KemalBroken AndPeople's Choir of Greece joined.The program is the day before (26 February) Hasan Hüseyin Korkmazgil’s death anniversary.It started with the poem 'We Made the Pain Honey'. Then Kemal Kırık with his saz and folk songsjoined the program. Afterwards, Corona conditions in our country and in the worldtalked about. Almost all of the world's governments are isolating the people andagainst the Corona Virus, which...

A New Poetry by Revolution Poet Hasan Biber: EY ÖZGÜRLÜK

EY FREEDOM"O freedom"My clenched fists for you! For you p>wielding my weapon foryou, your blood flowed in the squares p> survived our fight! "O freedom!"In the mountains in resounding anthems heartp> our armed people!p> in the streets,p> cortege in shoulder to shoulderp> And the most prominentp> waving flag !P> p> "My freedom"p> The branch will hit the Exilesp> Forests enthusiasmp> tells our song!P >Flowers will bloomin the heart of life In Anatoliawhile we wave our flag! "O freedom!"In the mountains in echoing anthems > our armed people!p> in the streets,p> cortege in shoulder to shoulderp> And the most prominentp> flags...