The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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New Poetry by Revolutionary Poet Hasan Biber: FREEDOM IS FLAME

FREEDOM is FLAME p> Wake've squaresp> our raprapp> the wings were the enemy of the heartp> Hinc our!p> " YA ÖZGÜR VATAN DEATH" We raised our banners to the skies!WITH MAHIRS on March 30th > We were born again in Kızıldere! Trust OUR LEADER, OUR MOVEMENT He taught us how to beat death! It's like going to a wedding with the tililis We are marching against the enemy!P> Reviewsp> Our MARTYRS Fearsp> break Gatlingp> The Dark burningp> FREEDOM is FLAME!P > FEDA is at the forefront last at the table In the Fight MITRALIOUS IS HEARD!< p> WIth ACHIEVEMENTS on...

A New Poem by the Revolutionary Poet Hasan Biber: Those Who Have Persevered Have Passed Away

< /div>At the counterworker Anchor in handfarmer He has the bookstudent And his anger is in the squareshurricane unemployed Half dreamsdon't staythis is why this fight! Pull it into uslet's not be silent offendedlike trees In our heartwith stormslet's hit the bastards Patiencethey passed away We remainedwith machine guns in hand On Our Table additivewe hope Pull it into us > offendedlike trees In our heartwith stormslet's hit the bastardslike those who make history! Mourning figanswe will not burnafter our fallen Equip our angerwe will hit Our Dormitory backupfrom the low ones! Pull it into uslet's not be silent offendedlike...

Successful Concert by Grup Yorum

May 21 In , the popular protest group Grup Yorum gave an international live concert in Paris. many progressive artists participated.Program started at 7:00 am with the opening speech of Grup Yorum."Zafer Halay" (Zafer Zafer) in Turkey dedicated to the members of the group Before singing the anthem, İbrahim Gökçek and Helin Bölek, who were martyred on death fast last year, were commemorated. Ali Osman Köse has been suffering from cancer for 37 years.At the same time, workers and followers gathered in a large square in Athens to watch the concert. they set up the screen and watched it with...

Grup Yorum 21 May Internet Concert

AEC (Anti-Imperialist Front) on May 21 at 19:00International solidarity concert with Grup Yorum, organized byhappened.The program of the solidarity concert consisted of 5 parts. GroupWe were included in the first, third and fifth chapters as comments.In other sections, live artists from all over the worldlinks and solidarity videos with Grup Yorum were shown.This concert is a part of the internationalism created by our resistance.occurred as a result. Anadolu, which embraces our demands all over the world,Created by Helin and İbrahim with the Peoples of the World and artists from all over the world.we once again raised values ​​with international solidarity.International...

Grup Yorum Performed at the MLPD Festival

On Saturday, July 10,Organized by MLPD (German Marxist Leninist party) in StuttgartWe performed at the festival as Grup Yorum.For Group CommentWe talked about the oppression, we wanted freedom for our imprisoned friends. Your printsnot only in Turkey, but also in German imperialism against us.We told about his attacks, that he banned our 5 songs, that the police in Magdeburg told usWe told him that he attacked us and that our biggest strength against these oppressions is solidarity.We said that and once again emphasized the importance of internationalism. The organizer of the festivalHe talked to us after the concert and said...

Breakfast was held at İdil Cultural Center

A breakfast event was held at İdil Cultural Center on 08.08. During the breakfast, a letter was written to the imprisoned Grup Yorum members, and a summons was made to the court to be held on 13 August. In addition, a video of the summons to the court of Betül Varan, which will be seen on August 13, was also shot. At the end of the event, everyone was finished with a paper and stamp.

The August issue of Culture, Art, Attitude in Life magazine is out!

After a long hiatus AttitudeWe are happy to be among you with the number of. Latest Helin Bolek and Ibrahim GokcekWe joined you with their special issues. İbrahim Gökçek Special after our countİdil Cultural Center, in which our magazine is also included, was published twice. GroupArrest warrant for Bahar Kurt, a comment worker and owner of our magazineremoved. Likewise, Grup Yorum workers Betül Varan, Seher Adıgüzel andEmel Yesilirmak is a prisoner. All the attacks we have experienced, our country is is just a reflection of its reality. captivity,Search warrants were dropped about us. We know that we resist, produceWe...

Poetry Clip About Forest Fires in GHA

OUR BIG HOUSE IS BURNINGPoetry: Yalçın ÖzdemirThe Peopleour big familyhomelandour big houseour house is on fire;blacka black turtleseries our hearts.< /p>a gazelle cut into charcoalhas given its last breaththousands of red pines!our house is on fire...branch twigknotstrees on fire..tears flood..burn is what a liver cut into charcoalmy anger floods...but…this floodis not enough to put out this fire..this fire will go out!this firewill go out by collar!from those who burnfrom those who do not put outevery bird,every leaf,every insectask for the accountand it will go out..if it turns red, my anger!the fire will be stopped... >our big house is on...