The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Poetry Clip About Forest Fires in GHA

OUR BIG HOUSE IS BURNINGPoetry: Yalçın ÖzdemirThe Peopleour big familyhomelandour big houseour house is on fire;blacka black turtleseries our hearts.< /p>a gazelle cut into charcoalhas given its last breaththousands of red pines!our house is on fire...branch twigknotstrees on fire..tears flood..burn is what a liver cut into charcoalmy anger floods...but…this floodis not enough to put out this fire..this fire will go out!this firewill go out by collar!from those who burnfrom those who do not put outevery bird,every leaf,every insectask for the accountand it will go out..if it turns red, my anger!the fire will be stopped... >our big house is on...