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International Solidarity Conference and Concert

Solidarity with the Death Fast Resistance in Turkey3 May 2020 – 19 (Europe time: 18.00)İbrahim Gökçek must live!Freedom to Grup Yorum!Freedom to People's Advocates!Freedom for Political Prisoners!Helin Bolek is Immortal!Mustafa Koçak is Immortal!Participants:Turkey: Grup Yorum, People's Advocates, TAYAD, Resistance House -With PearGreece, Palestine, Ireland, England, Austria,Mexico, Peru, Donbass, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, PhilippinesArtists:Grup Yorum, Efkan Şeşen, Hüseyin Turan, Hakan Akmaz, İbrahimKaraca, Haluk Tolga İlhan, Muzaffer Gezer, Austria - Topoke, France -Afrokan, Gehorwaesche - Germany, Pol MC Adaim - Ireland, Nicolas - ChileJustified Claims Accepted!International Solidarity is the Weapon of the Peoples!Against Imperialism, Fascism, Inequality and InjusticeStruggle is not a crime, it's...

International Internet Conference And Concert

Our Struggle for Justice Continues!We Will Win by Resisting!International Internet Conference and Concert in Solidarity with Death Fasting Resistances Freedom to Grup Yorum!Repeal Concert Bans!Freedom to People's Advocates!Freedom to Revolutionary Prisoners! Helin Bölek, Mustafa Koçak, İbrahim Gökçek is immortal!Date: Sunday, May 17, 2020Time: 20.00 (Turkey time), 19.00 (Central European time) div>Live link:'s Law Firm InternationalCommittee for Freedom to Group CommentAnti-Imperialist Front div>

Solidarity with Death Fast Resistance Internet Concert and Conference

On Sunday, May 17, "Our Struggle for Justice" on the internetProgress! We will win by resisting!” international solidarity concert andconference was held.Anti-Imperialist Front, HHB International Bureau and Grup YorumSolidarity concert and conference jointly organized by the Solidarity CommitteeGreece, France, Canada, Italy, Belarus, Germany, Spain, Austria,Numerous artists, lawyers, individuals and institutions from the Canary Islands and Gibraltarjoined.Participants in the solidarity event that lasted for 2 and a half hoursMessages of solidarity with the resistances in Turkey, to the martyred insurgentsshared their dedication songs, emphasized the importance of solidarity andThey expressed their belief that it will be won with solidarity.Members of Grup...

New Book by Boran Publications: Socialism Against Capitalism

Book Title: Socialism Against CapitalismAuthor Name: Ilgın GülerPublishing House: Boran PublicationsPrint Date: 2020Preface:First, 1/6th of the world, then We are the ones who saved 1/3 of them from imperialism. After both wars of sharing, we are the founders of socialism, which recovered and became stronger in a short time like 10 years with a planned and programmed work. We can do it again. We have this power and ideology. We will constantly direct our veideology and power to our enemy, and we will raise our struggle against capitalism and imperialism. >Click to Download His BookClick for Public Voice Library

New Book: The Right to Resist

Book Title: The Right to Resist Publisher: Boran PublicationsPrint Date: April 2020Introduction:“Where there is hunger and oppression, peoples cannot resist legitimately.they will use it! A power that tries to destroy the Right to Resistis power. Anyone who is oppressed, exploited, oppressed,The people have the right to resist the exploitation and oppression schemes. It is historical,stems from class justification, and arming against tyranny and the order of tyranny.without being subjected to oppression and terror, without being exploited, condemned to slavery.It also includes establishing a new order in which they will live without being harmed.”Dursun KaratasTo Download Book ClickPeople's VoiceFor Library Click

New Book: The Broken Finger of the Petty Bourgeoisie

Book Title: The Broken Finger of the Petty BourgeoisiePublisher: Boran Publishing HousePrint Date: June 2020Login:Our Dear PeopleThis book is the middle class petty bourgeoisie, our brains.trying to infiltrate ideologically, into our thinking and practically into our behavior.tells how it transforms.To Download Click People's VoiceFor Library Click

Pencil Political Humor Magazine’s First Issue Has Been Released!

Hello…We are also in the field of humor!Humor is a tool for the oppressed to take revenge on the oppressor!While imperialism and its collaborator fascist AKP government continue to attack people in every field, we will be against them in the field of humor, we will continue our war in the field of humor and we will definitely win!Imperialism continues its attack against the people in the field of humor. In today's conditions where everything is corrupted, it is impossible for humor not to take its share from this attack. The oppressors know very well the power of humor and...

A New Poetry by the Revolutionary Poet Hasan Biber: Greetings to Those Who Didn’t Have to Deal with the Fight

On the slopes at duskWe lean on Taurus!Running to the seas With Tigris, Euphrates and BerdanWe break the kneeShepherds are at the fire!When the dawn breaks in ÇukurovaRow rowTrucks, tractorsOn the way to the marketsRow row Colorbars They walk to the fields! with every breathSome people wrap tobaccoSomeSings the TurkishAll together! in Çukurovaguerrilla walking arm in armPure tablesLet the children not be sad That's why this fight!We are the people of Anatolia hey canWe challenge the enemy!We are with our 898 wounds*Non-deliveryWe are in siege“Come if you dare”*Shouting!Kemals, Bedies, UğurlarLeylas, Yazgullari, GulnazBerdanlar, Erdinçler, AhmetlerThe land in bloomIn the glory of...

Grup Yorum Concert Works in Kağıthane

Group in Kağıthane on 11.07.2020 and 15.07.2020For the Completely Independent Turkey concert by Yorum to be held on August 9th.stamping, poster and invitation work was done.Parks, bus stops, streets, Grup Yorum's posters andequipped with stamps. In the conversations made with the public in the study, the GroupOne of Comment's Righteous Demands, Death fast martyrs, Grup Yorum member İbrahimGökçek and Helin Bölek were mentioned. 110 on 11.07.2020 in studiesstamping-20 posters and 45 papers, 185 stamps on 15.07.2020 and 35 papersA total of 295 stamps and 20 posters were hung, while 80 papers were delivered to the public.