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Grup Yorum Gave a Conversation in İkitelli

Group CommentHe gave an interview at İkitelli on the evening of 14 July. In the interview, Grup Yorum's hungerFrom the strike, from the demands, what did the people of İkitelli do for Comment?We talked about what we can do, about revolutionary art. Interview question and answercontinued as. Finally, Grup Yorum sang folk songs and our halayswithdrew.Group CommentThe People Can't Be Silenced!HurrayOur Hunger Strike Resistance!IkitelliGrup Comment Volunteers

Grup Yorum Members on the 58th Day of the Hunger Strike

The hunger strike will continue until their group Comment demands are accepted.Prisoner Grup Yorum members are on an indefinite hunger strike:Bahar Wolf: on its 34th dayBarış Yüksel: On its 27th dayİbrahim Gökçek: On his 27th dayHelin Bölek: on her 26th dayLet's support Grup Yorum members, write letters, and announce their demands everywhere. They were arrested while they were performing the art of the people. Let's protect them too. Let's go support İdil Cultural Center.

Evvel July Grup Yorum Concert Diaries in Hatay

We started the preparations for our concert on July 16 days in advance. We decorated many neighborhoods of Antakya and Samandağ with our posters. We have put out 4000 posters in Tomruksuyu, Yaylıca, Samandağ center, Tekebaşı, Çöğürlü, Sutaşı, Değirmenbaşı, Aknehir, Yeşilyazı, Cavecık, Kurtderesi, DenizAlanı, Antakya center, Değirmenyolu, Harbiye, Gümüşgöze, Yeşilpınar, Saman. We hung it on our walls in Armutlu, Sümerler, Aşağıokçular, Yukarıokçular, Samandağ road, Ekinci, Kuzeytepe, Dikmece, Serinyol and Çekmece regions. As the posters we hung were torn up at night by the cops, cowardly and secretly, we were hanging more and more. We distributed 5000 papers that we printed...

Stuttgart Folk Culture House Organized Traditional Summer Festival

Every year by Stuttgart People's Culture HouseThe traditional summer festival was held on Sunday, July 14 this year.Drum-zurna, a local music group, and Erdal from Turkey.Bayrakoglu also participated.Event starting at two o'clock,After the opening speech of the Stuttgart People's Assembly, halay dancesand continued with games organized for children. What Erdal Bayrakoglu saidMore than 200 participants attended the event, which ended with songs.

A Call for Book Study from Grup Yorum

Where and how did you first listen to Grup Yorum?Where and how did you first meet with Grup Yorum?With Grup Yorum, you can write down all your memories and events that you have experienced and been affected by.we want you to send it to us.Our memories are our legacy. Memories keep us strongIt allows us to hold tight to our values. It is also a date. Come thisLet's write history together. We will publish this work into a book. In your souphave salt.Your memories, anim1985@gmail.comYou can send it to Group Comment

First Day of July Diary and Detention

To set up our stands on Thursday, July 11We passed for. And collectively, Grup Yorum scarf, Özgür PrisonerWe prepared our tables with products and books. Our Grup Yorum apronsWe wore it and on it, "We are the People, We are Right, We Will Win, Grup Yorum is the People,We hung our placards with the words "Can't be silenced" on the back of our stands.A friend of ours went on a hunger strike to protest the ban on concerts.That's why there's also a "Hunger for Grup Yorum Concert Ban to be Lifted".We hung the blueprint "I'm on strike" where we are....

The Diary of the 2nd Day of July and the Detention

About to set up our stands on Friday, July 12We went to the festival area. We completed our preparations and set our tables.We put up our banners and put on our aprons. Before we open our tableshundreds of police were waiting in full gear with TOMAs and detention vehicles. HEThe other left groups made a common call for us to protest yesterday's attack.They would make a press release. Police allow action while the press text is readannounced that they would not give in, otherwise they would attack. But despite everythingThe action continued, whereupon the vile police attacked with all their...

3rd and 4th Day Diaries of The Last July

By going to the festival area on 13 and 14 JulyWe opened our tables. We hung our banners. The police again surrounded the area where the stands were.blockaded, he was there to intimidate the people with his TOMAs and shields.To call for the Grup Yorum concert in front of the police all day that day.We distributed hundreds of leaflets. We had agitations. Although the police harassedAs a result of the support of the people, he could not attempt to be detained. Selling all dayWe fought enthusiastically to protect our position by dancing dances. the last of the festivalPınar Aydınlar, who...