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Fifth Statement of the Anti-Imperialist Struggle Committee – About Recent Events in Cuba

American Imperialism Continues Its Dirty Provocations!Cuban People and State Are One of the Strongholds of Anti-Imperialism and Socialism! The Hands Reaching for Cuba Will Break the People of the World!The Murderer USA, Remove Its Hands from Cuba Immediately!With the day of July 11, 2021, the imperialist press in Cuba highlighted as the “Cuban spring” in the news. Mass demonstrations began. The provocateur agents, commissioned and financed by the US imperialism, organized "actions", the content of which was counter-revolutionary, and consisted entirely of stigma, with slogans such as "death to communist dogs" and "death to communism", using the increasing poverty and...

Public Workers’ Front Description

The 20-Year Sentences of 11 Turkish Revolutionaries in Greek CourtsValid!Revolutionaries' Word "We Are Right We Will Win" Against Imperialism And Its Collaborators Historically Condemned!TO REVOLUTIONARY IS THE MOST Legitimate MOST HONORABLE EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD! NO PENALTY CAN DESTROY THISTHE TRUTH!11 Turkish revolutionaries who were imprisoned by conspiracy as a result of the cooperation between the Greek Government and the AKP government, were sentenced to prison sentences of up to 220 years in total. They have chosen to make a revolution as the legitimacy of their historical and political justification and the necessity of being human and remaining humaneas they...

Pressure Continues on 11 Free Prisoners in Greece

YOU CANNOT DELIVER FREE PRISONERS THROUGH PRESSURE! On July 22, 2021, after 11 Free Prisoners were sentenced to 20 years in prison for alleged organization membership, Halil Demir It was reported by the Pireas prosecutor's office that there was a request for extradition by Turkey. Halil Demir has been living as a political refugee in Greece for 22 years and no extradition request or court has been seen against him so far. The reason why his extradition is on the agenda today is that the Greek courts sentenced the Free Prisoners to 20 years for each alleged organization membership. In...

Extradition Case Filed Against Free Prisoners of Greece, Halil Demir

An extradition case has been filed against Halil Demir, one of our Free Prisoners of Greece, by the Turkish state for alleged DHKP-C membership. While these extradition requests were sometimes rejected by the courts, they were sometimes frustrated by long-term hunger strikes. Halil Demir is a revolutionary who has political asylum, his extradition cannot be done according to the law, but the governments that are collaborators of imperialism immediately shelve their laws when it conflicts with their interests.However, nothing is going to stop the revolutionaries from surrendering. not enough. Greece should immediately end its cooperation with Turkey.PRESSIONS CANNOT DEAR USFREE...

Yuksel Resistance 1716. Day Noon and Evening Statements

Noon Statement:We were in the field again at the afternoon statement of Ascension Resistance on the 1716th day. We couldn't upload our action video due to a technical glitch. We talked about Elif Ersoy, the editor-in-chief of the Walking Journal, who was arrested for conspiracy. Revolutionary Journalism Is Not a Crime! Evening Description: Aytaç Ünsal was arrested for conspiracy. His treatment was deliberately delayed. The people's lawyers were arrested for being a revolutionary lawyer. The sentence given to them is void, they are still our lawyer and we love them very much.

You cannot return Halil Demir!

11 The Greek Court sentenced 11 Revolutionists from Turkey. Your penalties are void! The court is preparing to extradite the Turkish revolutionary Halil Demir to AKP Fascism by not giving a sentence. The Greek Courts should know that our sons, who have recently established the same extradition courts for other Turkish revolutionaries, have nullified these decisions of the courts by putting their bodies on the Hunger Strike. Today, however, the Greek government, disregarding its own laws, is trying to extradite Turkish Revolutionary Halil Demir, who is fighting for independence and socialism by playing dirty games with AKP Fascism. The Greek...

Statement on Revolutionary Workers’ Movement Turan Aktaş

Threats Cannot End Our ResistanceMuammer Keskin Must Come To Her Mind!Turan Aktaş, who has been resisting in front of Şişli Municipality for 592 days to return to work, has been threatened with death. The address of this threat is Muammer Keskin."The person who says Muammer Keskin's cousin, retired chief sergeant and veteran" Tutan Aktaşcome to the resistance area and say, "Your job is difficult. , you do not end well here, I will do what is necessary, I will shoot you "he is threatening. Then he sits in his chair in front of the municipality garage entrance that is allocated...

Freedom for Sick Prisoner Ali Osman Köse

Ill prisoner Ali Osman Köse has been imprisoned in the cells of fascism for 38 years, 21 of which were in severe isolation. In this process, Ali Osman KÖSE, who saw juntas and went on hunger strikes, deteriorated and became a cancer patient as well as many diseases. As a result of the struggles for Ali OsmanKÖSE, Ali Osman KÖSE was operated on, but was immediately taken back to Tekirdağ F-type prison. and the greatest example of this is Ali Osman Köse, who has devoted his life to the revolution today. We want Ali Osman Köse to be released immediately...