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Eskişehir Dev-Genç: We Call All Our People to the Hearing of Ayten Öztürk

Ayten Öztürk, who doesn't give a secret despite 898 wounds on her body, is our honor! Ayten Öztürk is an honorable revolutionary who loves her homeland.To Ayten Öztürk All kinds of torture were carried out in the torture chamber of the MIT for 6 months. As a result of the tortures that lasted for 6 months, 898 wounds were formed on his body. He was arrested after the tortures.898 wounds are proof of victory for the attacks to take over the revolution. Unable to take over Ayten Öztürk's brain, thoughts and dignity, the torturers are now trying to torture Ayten...

Eskişehir Dev-Genç: Architect Nuriye Gülmen, Architect of Yüksel Resistance, Released

Fascism wants the masses, whose rights they have been deprived of, to shut up and submit. In our country, too, the jobs and rights of the workers were taken away from them. Resistance against this voice started from all over Anatolia. Yüksel Resistance has grown and grown both within itself and by including other resistances, especially the Düzce resistance. Conspiracies, provocations and attacks could not end the resistance. Even when the insurgents were arrested, the resistance continued. The Yüksel Resistanceists were evacuated one by one. But Nuriye Gülmen is still in detention. Those who could not end the resistance with...

Yuksel Resistance 1671. Day Noon and Evening Statements

We Are Publishing the Noon and Evening Statements of the Ascension Resistance on the 1671st DayNoon Statement: “Merve Demirel < /p>Nuriye Gülmen, who is on the side of those who resist the decree laws with hunger for 324 days, is in detention on suspicion of escaping. The rapist Musa Orhan is released on the grounds that he will not escape. Mafias, murderers are free.” Evening Description: “Ascension Resistance 1671.evening statement Merve Demirel Nuriye Gülmen has a hearing on Thursday, June 10, at 12:00 in Istanbul Çağlayan Courthouse. Let's be at the hearing on June 10th."

Edibe Anne Justice Resistance Day 463 Statement

Justice resistance 67 Week 463.Day justice watch in Merve Demirel Despite all the costs, we will be on the streetsWhat Happened: In Hatay's Samandag District, Tekebaşı Neighborhood on 16 January Edibe Özçelik, who fell ill and had a heart attack during the operation carried out by the police, the law enforcement agency of the AKP, was murdered by the law enforcement forces of the AKP government. For the prosecution of Edibe Özçelik's killers, her family has launched a campaign under the name of We want justice for the children.The houses of the Özçelik family, who have been resisting in Tekebaşımahalle...

Turan Aktaş 546th Day Resistance Message

Turan Aktaş continues his resistance in front of ŞişliCHP Municipality Building for the 546th Day. We Are Publishing Turan Aktaş's 546th Day Message:“The traitor Remzi Çalışkan, the head of Genel-İş, the supporter of this enemy of labor for 546 days one day these workers will know how to hold you and your puppet branch No. 3 to account.We will beat you too this rentier MuammerKeskin.”

Statement on Elif Ersoy from the Public Workers’ Front

Revolutionary Press Worker Elif Ersoy Has Been Imprisoned With Conspiracies For Being The Owner Of The Journal Publishing On Behalf Of The PeopleAnd Editorial Director!For Months She is Resisting and Tortured in order to be able to take it, to end the usurpation of her rightsand to be able to join her friends!We will not consent to a press mentality as fascism demands!Elif Ersoy has been imprisoned for 5 years . The reason for his detention is that he is both the owner and the editor-in-chief of the Walking Journal, which reports on behalf of the public, rejects the censorship...

Statement for the Public Workers’ Front Ali Osman Köse

Revolutionary Prisoner Ali Osman Köse With Cancer Should Be Released Immediately!For Ali Osman Köse, Who Has His Left Kidney Removed, This Makes It Obligatory For He To Stay In Prison! >Ali Osman Köse spent 27 years of his 38-year captivity in isolation. During his captivityhe was rendered unable to stay in prison due to the tortures and arbitrary usurpation of rights.From neurological diseases to hypertension, when he was unable to walk in a 5-step cell, first covid-after 19 He also got cancer.The right to treatment was constantly denied and his ATK reports were changed under political pressureshis release was prevented...