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Cotton Mother Died

Mother Pamuk, mother of revolutionary prisoners İsmail Akkol and Nuran Akkol, passed away on 16 August. Our condolences to Akkol's family.Pamuk Akkol's mother was under treatment for a long-standing illness that she had been suffering from. For her son İsmail, whom she has not seen for years and longed for, stood upright despite her illness and tiredness, and became an exemplary mother as a proud captive family, that her children were not alone. " Like Cemal Süreya, he never lost hope to see his son with stubbornness, said Pamuk mother. When his son İsmail was caught in Turkey after 25...

Grup Yorum: We Greet Stefan Engel, Who Defends Grup Yorum in the Trials of Imperialism

Stefan Engel, who was tried in Mainingen city of Tühringen state of Germany on 3 August, with his stance before the court committee, rendered the attacks of German imperialism against Grup Yorum futile. Stefan Engel (MLPD theoretical publication director) defended Grup Yorum and was acquitted, emphasizing that Grup Yorum is not a forbidden group. We experienced another strong example of internationalist solidarity. After the resistance of Helin and İbrahim, Stefan Engel confirmed and defended the struggle of Grup Yorum. This is what we understand by solidarity. Solidarity is being convinced of a truth and defending that truth. Adoption is never...

On the 625th Day of Turan Aktaş Resistance

Turan Aktaş's work continues to be enjoyed for its bread. The anti-labor CHP and Muammer Keskin continue to be exposed as the days go by. The 625th Day Message of Turan Aktaş was delivered by friends of the resistance, despite his absence. . "Today is our 625th day, thanks to all our friends who made me feel like my absence in our area MuammerKeskin, the municipality's money has been very well adopted when it comes to giving the taxes to the coyotes instead of serving the public, I will give you the budget. can say I did not separate"

Families from TAYAD Statement: Making Revolution is Not a Crime! Duty is Honor

We will not leave 11 Turkish Revolutionaries in the Hands of Greek and Turkish Fascism!The fascist Greek government, collaborator of imperialism, arrested 11 Turkish revolutionaries on March 24, as a result of the raids on March 19,2020 . Even the right of defense of the revolutionaries, who were arrested with the conspiracy of Turkey and Greek fascism andgroundless allegations, was usurped and 11 of them were given the same punishment. With the punishments imposed by imperialism, Turkey and Greek fascism; in fact, he wants to condemn revolutionism and socialism, not any crime. tries to overcome with pressure. This attack on...

Press Release for Sibel Balaç of the Resistance Council

We, as the Resistance Assembly, held our press statement titled We want justice in Abdiİpekçi Park every Thursday. We made our press statement this week for Sibel Balaç. we want. Sibel Balaç is a laboring teacher who resists for the job security and justice of public workers. He chose to resist against the decree laws, against all injustices, for which he was sentenced to 8 years and 4 months by the AKP courts. Sibel Balaç had two surgeries due to calcification in her ear during her captivity. The right to be treated in healthy conditions was denied. While thieves, gangs...