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Freedom for Sick Prisoner Ali Osman Köse

Ill prisoner Ali Osman Köse has been imprisoned in the cells of fascism for 38 years, 21 of which were in severe isolation. In this process, Ali Osman KÖSE, who saw juntas and went on hunger strikes, deteriorated and became a cancer patient as well as many diseases. As a result of the struggles for Ali OsmanKÖSE, Ali Osman KÖSE was operated on, but was immediately taken back to Tekirdağ F-type prison. and the greatest example of this is Ali Osman Köse, who has devoted his life to the revolution today. We want Ali Osman Köse to be released immediately...

Turan Aktaş Resistance Diary

On the 598th day of my resistance, I continue to demand my job back. I will not leave the door of the CHP Şişli mayor Muammer Keskin, who does not recognize the court decision. I will expose the CHP to the public, which will scream every day those who persecute me, my family, my friends. Muammer Keskin, who was elected mayor by the people for 5 years, sees the municipality as his father's property. He thinks we are slaves who are bought and sold. It throws workers seeking rights out into the street every day. The most cruel mayor who...

Dev-Young Statement: Public School Magazine Can’t Be Silenced

Let Yilmaz Viraner be Released!The AKP fascism has been trying to prevent the printing press of the Public School Magazine for months, threatening the printersand harassing the magazine office all the time. AKP is afraid of a magazine published by the revolutionaries despite all the means, propaganda tools, channels, newspapers, and news programs it has! >tells. Not only that, it unites the people in the struggle against fascism.When the murderer could not prevent the printing press with his police, he continued to attack the revolutionary press, by issuing a "containment warrant" and detaining YılmazViraner!We shout once again in the language...

Making Revolution is a Duty, Not a Crime Freedom for Greek Prisoners

In Greece, 11 revolutionaries were sentenced to 333 years in total in the past days!We cannot see that such punishments have been given neither to drug dealers, nor to those who massacred peoples and spilled blood on the land. These punishments are given only to revolutionaries in the lands where capitalism reigns. Laws,courts serve the sovereigns, and are a weapon against the people and revolutionaries.Therefore, 11 of our comrades are asked to be “punished” with 30-year sentences. We are not criminals, we are revolutionaries!We are not the ones to be punished, those who made us slaves in our own countrysold...

Sovereigns Do Not Give People Their Rights, People Take Soke Soke

Turan Aktaş has knitted his resistance day by day, stitch by stitch, day by day, in the 599 days of his resistance, which he started for his work, effort and sweat! He stood guard in front of the city hall every day and exposed the injustices of MuammerKeskin, and he continues to do so.Muammer Keskin, who is both an enemy of the workers and wants to appear like a friend of the workers, made a court decision although he does not give Turan Aktaş his job back! Now he is threatening Turan Aktaşwith “death” through his relatives!We ask Muammer Keskin:Where...

Ali Osman Köse’s Right to Health cannot be taken away

Ali Osman Köse has been resisting in the prisons of fascism for 38 years. Despite being a cancer patient and unable to walk alone without holding on to the wall, he is still not evacuated.AKP wants to murder Ali Osman Köse and many sick prisoners like him in prisons. We will not allow thisWe will not allow it.Ali Osman Köse has become one of the names of revolutionary justice in these lands and held those who shed bloodto account. It has added new rings to the tradition of free captivity under isolation conditions, and has had a prison life that...

Public School Magazine Description: Public School Magazine Cannot Be Silenced

The just and legitimate person, institution, thought everywhere, with their foreheads upright, tells their thoughts, their righteousness, and shouts. It does not resort to lies, oppression and threats to others. He does not resort to lies, pressure, threats, or to silence his opponent with his power. It doesn't need anything like that. Because it has a concrete justification against the reality of life. THE PUBLIC SCHOOL DOES THIS.Well, what do you call fascism, who resorts to lies, slander, slander, slander, reflecting the non-existent as if they have happened, using their power to intimidate and intimidate their opponents by deceit and...

Nrw People’s Assemblies Statement: Those Who Burn Our Forests and Do Not Take Precautions Against Fires Are Traitors!

There were countless forest fires in various parts of our country.It is not a coincidence that so many forest fires broke out at the same time.The homeland has nothing to do with protecting the homeland. It is a well-known fact that exploitative tyrants, who do not think of anything other than exploiting the labor of our people, the underground and aboveground riches of our homeland and offering them to the imperialists, are burning our forests under the protection of the AKP government to open up rent areas. It is known that countless forest fires are caused by the armed forces...

Description of Families with TAYAD

FREE TO PATIENT PRISONERS FREEDOM FOR ALİ OSMAN KÖSE Sick prisoners are sentenced to death in isolation cells. The fascist AKP government, which leaves sick prisoners to die in isolation cells, carries out a conscious policy. The sick prisoners, whose names we have listed, are held by force despite the reports that they cannot be held in prisons under today's conditions. Ali Osman KöseYasemin KaradağSibel BalaçAysu BaykalUfuk Keskin Fatih Özgür Aydın Ali Osman Köse, on the other hand, is 63 years old and has been held in the prisons of Fascism for 37 years. He is a resisting revolutionary who...