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The State is Responsible for the Massacre in Konya

In an armed attack on a house in Meramilce district in Konya on 31.07.2021, 7 people, including four women, from the same family were killed as a result of a racist attack. After the armed attackthe houses of the Dedeoğlu family were set on fire. In the massacre that took place, Yaşar Dedeoğlu, BarışDedeoğlu, Serpil Dedeoğlu, Serap Dedeoğlu, İpek Dedeoğlu, Metin Dedeoğlu and SibelDedeoğlu were murdered.The family was attacked before and By saying "we are nationalists, we will not let you live here", a massacre has been threatenedand the DEDEOĞLU family has been killedwithout taking any precautions.This massacre is not...

TAYAD Statement: Fascism Kills

A fascist mob murdered a family in Meram district of Konya. A similar massacre was experienced by the Şenyaşar Family in Şanlıurfa. Massacres are the main character of racist, reactionary and fascist governments. Fascism is what it was in Şanlıurfa, in Maraş, in Sivas, and in Hatay on December 19, it is also in Meram district! The AKP government does not hold back from attacking and killing the people. Although they say the reasons for the attack separately, its quality is related to each other. There is no difference between the murderers of Edibe mother in Hatay, Şenyaşar family in...

Grup Yorum’s Statement on the Flood in the Black Sea Region

Floods also occurred in Sinop, Samsun, Bartın and Kastamonu on 11 August. Our people lost their lives, their homes were flooded, their vehicles were submerged in water, and they were dragged into the flood. Those who coveted the eyes of our poor people once again caused the same pain to our people. We see people's houses destroyed. We are angry.AKP fascism; They are selling everything that belongs to our people for the sake of profit. They said, "We will sell like the fathers," they are selling. We are dying, we are losing our homes. We will continue to die as...

Epic Epic Resistance Poems (Tavir Publications)

Book Title: Epic Epic Resistance PoemsAuthor Name: Turgut OnurPublishing House: Tavır YayınlarıPublishing Date: August-2021His book Click to DownloadClick for People's Voice Library< /div>Preface: The poet will fight with his poetryand his mausoleumflag to flag against the enemies of the peopleand betrayalhe is a bored bullet, his anger! In the book of lifethe pages that hearts turnthe future of summer! Dream the beauties flowing like waterfalls... HellfireYou can cross the fire with bare feetWITH MACHINES ON YOUR CHESTSing BALLUGHT! WARRIERS LOOK HEADS! p> Under no circumstances are they invincible to the enemythey are the leaders of the people.Righteousness is our leaven....

Cotton Mother Died

Mother Pamuk, mother of revolutionary prisoners İsmail Akkol and Nuran Akkol, passed away on 16 August. Our condolences to Akkol's family.Pamuk Akkol's mother was under treatment for a long-standing illness that she had been suffering from. For her son İsmail, whom she has not seen for years and longed for, stood upright despite her illness and tiredness, and became an exemplary mother as a proud captive family, that her children were not alone. " Like Cemal Süreya, he never lost hope to see his son with stubbornness, said Pamuk mother. When his son İsmail was caught in Turkey after 25...

Grup Yorum: We Greet Stefan Engel, Who Defends Grup Yorum in the Trials of Imperialism

Stefan Engel, who was tried in Mainingen city of Tühringen state of Germany on 3 August, with his stance before the court committee, rendered the attacks of German imperialism against Grup Yorum futile. Stefan Engel (MLPD theoretical publication director) defended Grup Yorum and was acquitted, emphasizing that Grup Yorum is not a forbidden group. We experienced another strong example of internationalist solidarity. After the resistance of Helin and İbrahim, Stefan Engel confirmed and defended the struggle of Grup Yorum. This is what we understand by solidarity. Solidarity is being convinced of a truth and defending that truth. Adoption is never...