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Dev-Genç: We Want Justice for Edibe Özçelik

An ongoing resistance in Hatay for more than 450 days. Her sons have been resisting for hundreds of days so that their mother's murderers are prosecuted. Mothers who resist for their children in Urfa. Our people, who have been subjected to injustice all over our country, are resisting. The end of these resistances is victory. We know the certainty of victory from our centuries-old history tomorrow. The end of the resistance of our people, who do not give up on demanding justice no matter what the circumstances, go out to the streets and shout about injustice, by risking all the...

Council of Resistances: Yuksel Resistance Cannot Be Imprisoned

The Insurgents Have Been Judgment In Your Courts That Enforce Injustice!We Will Never Give Up Our Demand For Justice!The AKP government, which used the coup attempt that took place in our country on July 15 after its conflicts of interest, declared a state of emergency. He made an attempt to liquidate the revolutionary-democratic public workers at the first opportunity. 140 thousand public workers were expelled during this process, and their efforts for years were ignored overnight. There were also public workers who did not accept this process silently. They started a resistance against this lawlessness in Ankara Yüksel Street. They...

Public Workers’ Front: Your Arrests Cannot Intimidate Us

Revolutionary Public Workers Haven't Been Silent Against Your Unjust Order, Neither Yesterday nor Today, They Will Not Be Silent!We Resisted for the Rights of Public Workers, We Will Continue to Resist! On June 4, 2012, the 6th hearing of the Yüksel Resistance Movement took place. Architect Alev Şahin and Teacher Mehmet Dersulu, who were imprisoned in this session, were released. The students of ElmasYalçıns, Ayşenur Şimşeks, Satıları and Makbule have given hope to 140,000 public workers and the peoples of Turkey. They built a barricade in the heart of the oligarchy against the desire to legalize fascism. They told us...

Free Prisoners of Greece: Neo Democracy Party Continues Its Attack on Revolutionaries

Neo Demokratia (New Democracy Party) Government Continues Its Attack on Revolutionaries in the Name of Turkish Fascism!Sinan Oktay Özen's Right of Session Wants to Be Denied! The Greek State, since the NeoDemokratia party came to power Since then, it has been continuing its attacks against the revolutionaries more intensely. Our Comrade Sinan Oktay Özen, who was imprisoned in the Koridallos Prison, continues to add new attacks in parallel with the policies of AKP fascism in order to benefit their imperialist masters, following the Turkish Fascism's decision to "seize property". The day the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish fascism...

Eskişehir Dev-Genç: We Call All Our People to the Hearing of Ayten Öztürk

Ayten Öztürk, who doesn't give a secret despite 898 wounds on her body, is our honor! Ayten Öztürk is an honorable revolutionary who loves her homeland.To Ayten Öztürk All kinds of torture were carried out in the torture chamber of the MIT for 6 months. As a result of the tortures that lasted for 6 months, 898 wounds were formed on his body. He was arrested after the tortures.898 wounds are proof of victory for the attacks to take over the revolution. Unable to take over Ayten Öztürk's brain, thoughts and dignity, the torturers are now trying to torture Ayten...

Eskişehir Dev-Genç: Architect Nuriye Gülmen, Architect of Yüksel Resistance, Released

Fascism wants the masses, whose rights they have been deprived of, to shut up and submit. In our country, too, the jobs and rights of the workers were taken away from them. Resistance against this voice started from all over Anatolia. Yüksel Resistance has grown and grown both within itself and by including other resistances, especially the Düzce resistance. Conspiracies, provocations and attacks could not end the resistance. Even when the insurgents were arrested, the resistance continued. The Yüksel Resistanceists were evacuated one by one. But Nuriye Gülmen is still in detention. Those who could not end the resistance with...

Yuksel Resistance 1671. Day Noon and Evening Statements

We Are Publishing the Noon and Evening Statements of the Ascension Resistance on the 1671st DayNoon Statement: “Merve Demirel < /p>Nuriye Gülmen, who is on the side of those who resist the decree laws with hunger for 324 days, is in detention on suspicion of escaping. The rapist Musa Orhan is released on the grounds that he will not escape. Mafias, murderers are free.” Evening Description: “Ascension Resistance 1671.evening statement Merve Demirel Nuriye Gülmen has a hearing on Thursday, June 10, at 12:00 in Istanbul Çağlayan Courthouse. Let's be at the hearing on June 10th."

Edibe Anne Justice Resistance Day 463 Statement

Justice resistance 67 Week 463.Day justice watch in Merve Demirel Despite all the costs, we will be on the streetsWhat Happened: In Hatay's Samandag District, Tekebaşı Neighborhood on 16 January Edibe Özçelik, who fell ill and had a heart attack during the operation carried out by the police, the law enforcement agency of the AKP, was murdered by the law enforcement forces of the AKP government. For the prosecution of Edibe Özçelik's killers, her family has launched a campaign under the name of We want justice for the children.The houses of the Özçelik family, who have been resisting in Tekebaşımahalle...

Turan Aktaş 546th Day Resistance Message

Turan Aktaş continues his resistance in front of ŞişliCHP Municipality Building for the 546th Day. We Are Publishing Turan Aktaş's 546th Day Message:“The traitor Remzi Çalışkan, the head of Genel-İş, the supporter of this enemy of labor for 546 days one day these workers will know how to hold you and your puppet branch No. 3 to account.We will beat you too this rentier MuammerKeskin.”