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Statement on Elif Ersoy from the Public Workers’ Front

Revolutionary Press Worker Elif Ersoy Has Been Imprisoned With Conspiracies For Being The Owner Of The Journal Publishing On Behalf Of The PeopleAnd Editorial Director!For Months She is Resisting and Tortured in order to be able to take it, to end the usurpation of her rightsand to be able to join her friends!We will not consent to a press mentality as fascism demands!Elif Ersoy has been imprisoned for 5 years . The reason for his detention is that he is both the owner and the editor-in-chief of the Walking Journal, which reports on behalf of the public, rejects the censorship...

Statement for the Public Workers’ Front Ali Osman Köse

Revolutionary Prisoner Ali Osman Köse With Cancer Should Be Released Immediately!For Ali Osman Köse, Who Has His Left Kidney Removed, This Makes It Obligatory For He To Stay In Prison! >Ali Osman Köse spent 27 years of his 38-year captivity in isolation. During his captivityhe was rendered unable to stay in prison due to the tortures and arbitrary usurpation of rights.From neurological diseases to hypertension, when he was unable to walk in a 5-step cell, first covid-after 19 He also got cancer.The right to treatment was constantly denied and his ATK reports were changed under political pressureshis release was prevented...

Okmeydanı People’s Assembly Statement: Resisting İkizdere is Resisting Turkey!

Resisting İkizdere is Resisting Turkey! Also known as the five-member gang, they pierce every inch of our country's land like a dagger. Cengiz İnşaat, one of the pillars of this betrayal network and AKP feeder, has set its sights on İkizdere this time. The people of İkizdere also started to resist against this herd of traitors, who see it as their duty to plunder and set their sights on all the beauties of the country with greed for profit. The law enforcement forces of the capital and the state marched on the people of İkizdere to protect their owners, gassed...

Yuksel Resistance 1677. Day Noon Statement

We continue to fight here for our work and our bread.We are also talking about injustices here.We are talking about AliOsman Köse, who has been imprisoned for a while. Ali Osman Köse, who has been in isolation for 37 years, is not being treated by the government's collaborators, by the ministry of justice, by the ministry of health. As a result of this process, a kidney with a diameter of 12 cm in a normal person and a cystic area with a diameter of 9 cm or half with cancer formed in Ali Osman Köse. Ali Osman Köse was operated...

Our Comrade Ayten Öztürk Detained As A Result Of An Unlawful Arrest Decision

Ayten Öztürk, who was detained from the Lebanon Refik Hariri Airport in March 2018 with an international conspiracy and was handed over to the MIT, was held in the torture chambers of the MIT for 6 months. subjected to all kinds of torture. 898 wounds were inflicted on his body, but our comrade came out of the torture prison with his head held high, preserving his honor, revolutionism, and love of the people and country. He was handed over to Ankara's Political Branch Police by the MIT in September 2018, as if the police caught him by chance, and a...