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Description of the Resistance Council: You Have Tried 898 Times You Have Been Defeated 898 Times You Will Be Defeated...

YOU DIDN'T DELIVERED AYTEN ÖZTÜRK THROUGH TORTURE AND IMPRISONMENTS TODAY, YOU CANNOT GET DELIVERY!RELEASE AYTEN ÖZTÜRK IMMEDIATELY! p>Ayten Öztürk was abducted from Lebanon Refik Hariri Airport on March 13, 2018 and brought to Turkey and was tortured for 6 months in a torture center in Ankara with the knowledge of the state. As a result of the inhuman tortures applied to him, 898 wounds were opened on his body. All these wounds were detected. It went on the record. However, neither the torturers who caused these 898 wounds nor those who kidnapped Ayten and set up the torture center where...

Dev-Genç: Detentions Should Be Released Immediately

Turan Aktaşiş has been resisting in front of Şişli municipality for 552 days for his bread, labor and honor. does not take it back. Turan Aktaş is using his right to resist. Therefore, Yuksel resisters Merve Demirel, Muhammet Demirel and Bakırköy resister Nursel Tanriverdi, who came to support Turan Aktas, were detained unlawfully. It is not a crime to demand and support your job, bread and honor.Detentions Should Be Released Immediately!Turan Aktaş Reemployed!Dev-Genç

Statement Concerning the Ayten Öztürk Court for Families with TAYAD

Today, as TAYAD Families, we were in the corridor where the court will be held for Ayten Öztürk at Çağlayan Courthouse. From the moment Ayten Öztürk was brought in, we embraced Ayten with our slogans. The police of the political branch took Ayten hastily to prevent this ownership and surrounded our friends who were there. They shot the slogans and said "you are committing a crime". However, a civil fascist, mafia-mouthed person waiting in the corridor where the court will be seen, said to our friends, "If you throw another slogan, I will crush your head!" When he said that,...

Freedom for Ali Osman Köse!

AliOsman Köse is an honorable Revolutionary who devoted his life to revolution. Ali Osman Köse has been imprisoned in isolation in F-type cells of fascism for 37 years. During this period, he went on hunger strikes in the Fascist junta, suffered torture and suffered from diseases. However, even though Fascism knew that Ali Osman Köse had diseases, he did not treat him and waited for the diseases to progress. Patient prisoner Ali OsmanKÖSE was operated on 02.06.2021 as a result of our struggles and pressures and the cancerous mass in his kidney was removed. However, Ali Osman KÖSE was unlawfully...

Okmeydanı People’s Assembly Statement: Deniz Poyraz’s Killer is the Fascist AKP Government

With the confession of a rat coming out of a sewer system, AKP fascism, whose failure to rule became more evident, is making its militias attack the people. He wants to overcome his crisis by organizing provocations and organizing political murders.At noon on Thursday, June 17, an AKP militia entered the İzmir HDP provincial presidency and killed a party employee named Deniz Poyraz, who was inside. The target is a whole people! Just as it attaches the terrorist label and attacks, has it detained and arrested, regardless of the political views of those who make the slightest noise against it....

Resistance Assembly Statement: It is the Class Hatred of Fascism Who Killed Deniz Poyraz

The Murderer of Deniz Poyraz Who Was Murdered in the HDP İzmir Provincial Organization Is Not Honor Gencer, Who Acts With Personal Hatred, It Is The Class Hatred Of Fascism!Fearing The Anger Of The People It Has Doomed To Poverty And Hunger, Fascism Can't Find Any Way Other Than Ruling With Blood, Massacres and Fear! You are dying, you know your end is coming! An armed attack was carried out against HDP İzmir Provincial Organization on Thursday, June 17th. In the armed attack, 20-year-old Deniz Poyraz, who went to work for his mother for a day due to his mother's...