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Germany Giant-Young Description:

GROUP Comment Performed at Our Magdeburg Meeting Despite Police Intervention!The German police, seeing that Grup Yorum also participated in the solidarity action with revolutionary prisoners in Magdeburg, Germany, on June 18, arbitrarily banned them from performing. Together with Grup Yorum workers, we, as the European Giant-Young people, did not accept these practices and started a resistance. We exposed the racist policies of the German state and the bans placed on Grup Yorum, in the speeches we made after we put our clothes on the police chiefs who tried to force us to surrender. The German state, which finances the weapons...

Grup Yorum: German Imperialism Cannot Prevent Our Art

The German police attacked the "solidarity rally with revolutionary prisoners" held in Magdeburg on Friday, June 18th, due to the participation of our group, GrupYorum. Magdeburg police announcing that they banned our concert without any document, court order, and said that they would intervene if we took our instruments and started to give a concert. We declared that we do not recognize this arbitrary decision and that we will sing our songs here today no matter what, and we started our program with our friends who organized the event.Magdeburg Netzwerk After the statements by Für Politische Gefangene (Solidarity with Prisoners)...

German Popular Front: The Killer of Deniz Poyraz and Berkin Elvan is AKP Government

The person or persons who raided the İzmir HDP provincial building in the morning of June 17, shot and killed the officer Deniz Poyraz who was there. We offer our condolences to his family, relatives, HDP members and all our people. This has prevented the carnage from growing.” Because of this lack of knowledge, the massacrers could not find 40 people in the HDP building they entered, and killed Deniz Poyraz, who was there, first by shooting, torturing her from behind, and then shooting her in the head. There is a police tent opposite the HDP building and it keeps...

KEC: Call to KESK for the 10th General Assembly

For the 10th General AssemblySingle Call to KESK, Single Agenda, Single Request: End the AKP Collaboration with Fascism and the Betrayal of Public Workers!Stop the Revolutionary Enmity!The Decisions of Expulsion from the Union of the Supreme Resistance and Revolutionary Public WorkersShould Be Retracted!< p> For the unions and the confederations they are affiliated to, the general assembly processes are important for both their members and managers. During the general assembly processes, union and confederation members and managers evaluate what they have done in the past period, come to terms with mistakes and shortcomings, and continue their struggle even stronger with...

Statement from Germany Dev-Genç on Deniz Poyraz

Deniz Poyraz, who was working in HDP İzmir Provincial Building, was brutally shot in the back by fascist killers on 17 June. We express our condolences to his family, friends and HDP supporters.There is a police tent in front of the HDP building and it keeps watch for 24 hours.HDP supporters have repeatedly reported to the police that there are fascists wandering around, and they have filed a criminal complaint. The murderer who enters the HDP building enters with a bag full of guns in his hand, commits a massacre, stays inside for 50 minutes, but the “Police that don't...

We Call All Our People to the Trial of Sami Baydar on June 23

The Syriac People's Struggle for Liberation Cannot Be Criminalized People's Assembly WorkerOur Comrade Sami Baydar Is Not Alone!Long Live the Syriac People's Legitimate Struggle! We invite all our people to attend the hearing of Sami Baydar on June 23!German imperialism has been organizing attacks against our comrade Sami Baydar and his family for a long time. He wants to end Sami Baydar's struggle for democratic rights and freedoms with his policies of intimidation and intimidation.Sami Baydar is a 29-year-old family man living in Augsburg, Germany. He is the son of the Syriac people. HE; He is a revolutionary worker who...

Yuksel Resistance 1685.Day Noon Statement

Merve Demirel:Ekimcan Polat has been on hunger strike for 15 days. He is on a hunger strike so that the tortures inflicted on him in the prison will end. There is a risk of having a heart attack. Those who call the murderer of Deniz Poyraz "my brother" are torturing those who demand justice in this country. We say it once again;Your weapons, your courts, your prisons are void for us.