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Okmeydanı People’s Assembly Statement

Revolution Cleans up the Filth!Let's not listen to the horde of cowards calling for pacifism!Let's resist the fascist attacks together! Kılıçdaroğlu's 'Be ready for provocations' warningCHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu said this at the group meeting on Tuesday, 22 June. Buzat, who says to the people to be ready for fascist attacks, also says that they have no policy to prevent possible new attacks. Moreover, it does not even think of saying 'we must resist together', it cannot, the party named after the people. The worst thing is the effort to include the people who will protect themselves against fascist attacks...

Yuksel Resistance 1685. Day Evening Statement

Merve Demirel:We have been fighting for our job for 1685 days. The police torture us just because of this. Emine Şenyaşarı, who was called in front of the Urfa Courthouse today, also fell ill while trying to take him into custody for the 5th time.We will never stop fighting until the day comes when we can't shed tears from our mothers' eyes!

European Giant-Young: Dilek Poyraz’s Killer Is Fascism

Deniz Poyraz, who was working in HDP İzmir Provincial Building, was shot and killed in the back by fascist killers on 17 June. First of all, we would like to express our condolences to his family, friends and HDP supporters.Fascism is the murderer of Deniz Poyraz!There is a police tent standing guard for 24 hours in front of the HDP building.HDP members repeatedly However, the murderer, who entered the HDP building, entered the HDP building with a bag full of weapons and remained inside for 50 minutes. But the “Policeman who doesn't fly a bird” can't see this, he can't...

Senyaşar Family from TAYAD Families Statement

We condemn the massacre committed against the Şenyaşar Family. The attacks of the AKP government will not be able to intimidate us poor people, especially the Şenyaşar Family. Expecting justice from the AKP government means accepting their attacks. AKP's own deputies, especially their ministers, describe themselves as a tool of pressure on the people. Their prosecutors and judges do not follow their orders.The concepts of demanding justice and punishing the criminals are far from the power of the AKP. We are calling on our people here; Embracing the Şenyaşar Family and supporting their actions is the unification of the demand...

Freedom for Ali Osman Köse Committee: Freedom for Ali Osman Köse and All Political Prisoners

Let's not allow Silent Destruction policiesIn Turkey or in a different country...Long-term captivity, long-term isolation policies and the damage they cause, health problems ...A conscious policy of capturing political prisoners. Mumia Abu Jamal has been imprisoned in the USA for 40 yearsGeorge İbrahim Abdallah has been imprisoned in France for 37 yearsAli Osman Köse 37 We have been imprisoned in Turkey for years. These are all applications of silent destruction policies. As in many parts of the world, sick prisoners are an integral part of the struggle for rights, freedoms and democracy in Turkey. The political power wants to kill...

Description of Giant-Young Berkin Elvan

Courts of AKP Fascism Sentenced Berkin Elvan's Killer to 16 Years and 8 Months!Murderer PoliceFatih Dallı Has Not Been Arrested!The Murderer of Berkin Elvan, the Child of Our Hope, who was murdered in the June Uprising, Fatih Dalgalı While he was sentenced to life imprisonment for willful killing, he was reduced to 16 years and 8 months due to possible caste. The murderer was not arrested by the police.The courts of fascism continue to distribute INJUSTICE. We will not forget the murderer cop Fatih Dalgalı, nor the other murderer policemen, nor those who gave the order, nor those who protect...

Description of Giant-Young Elif Ersoy

The Voice of Truth Cannot Be Silenced!Let Elif Ersoy's Demands Be Accepted Immediately!The owner and editor-in-chief of YÜRÜYÜŞ magazine, the voice of truth, Elif ERSOY resists all the pressures of fascism, lies and demagoguery. He is imprisoned because he shouts the counter-truth and defends the interests of the people. Fascism attacks Elif EROY, isolates her, threatens her, wants to take her and the revolutionaries before her. She is threatened with being placed next to the criminal prisoners who have psychological problems. Elif ERSOY's book, publication and journal rights are restricted. She cannot get the magazine she owns, she is tortured.Elif...

Description of Giant-Young Ali Osman Köse

The AKP Fascism, Who Couldn't Murder the Revolutionary Patient Prisoner Ali Osman Köse, Continues Its Torture!Ali OsmanKöse Should Be Released Immediately!The application filed for the sick prisoner Ali Osman KÖSE has been 'persecuted' by the constitutional court. It was rejected as "he has access to health services". 9 cm of Ali Osman KÖSE's kidney was covered with a cancerous mass. He was taken to prison after his surgery and has not been taken to the infirmary from the moment he was taken. It is said that there is no doctor in the infirmary and the dressing is made by the...

Description of Giant-Young KESK

KESK Must End Its Revolutionary Enmity, Give Self-Criticism, and Take Back the Dismissals!Those Who Resist are Right Before History and Always Win!The KESK administration, with the efforts, sweat and struggles of the revolutionaries While it was a revolutionary union established today, it has become the AKP's backyard and is a conciliatory, liquidationist union that acts on the orders of Soysuz Süleyman. They have made revolutionary hostility by expelling the initiating RISING WORKERS!Our Call to KESK; You Can't Get Anywhere by Being Enmity to Resisting Public Workers.End Revolutionary Enmity at the 10th General Assembly and Take Back the Dismissals by Self-criticism!Resisting...