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Elif Ersoy Is Not Alone, Let Elif Ersoy’s Referral Request Be Accepted Immediately!

YÜRÜYÜŞ Magazine's owner and editor-in-chief Elif ERSOY is systematically tortured by Kayseri Bünyan prison and her book-journal rights are usurped. It responds to its servants with the tradition of Free Captivity, and shows how to respond to the fascists with its resistance against all kinds of pressure, violence and usurpation of rights. We want it to be met. Elif ERSOY's demands are our demands.WE WANT JUSTICE FOR ELİF ERSOY AND THE PRISONERS!DEV-GENÇ

Council of Resistances: Following Pir Sultan’s Path is Not Giving Up to the Oppressor!

Like every year, exactly 28 years ago, on July 2, 1993, a commemoration and comprehension event for Pir Sultan would be held. The revolutionary-democratic-progressive-intellectuals, especially the Alevi people, were summoned to the hometown of Pir SultanAbdal, who said, "Let anyone come back, I will not return from my path". However, the fascist-reactionary parties incite the public and try not to organize events with threat calls. "religiousness" propaganda is made on Aziz Nesin's translated book "The Satanic Verses" He tries to provoke the public with words such as "enmity to religion, atheism, irreligion" by distorting the events by giving speeches, and...

The Right of Defense of Revolutionary Prisoners Cannot Be Denied

The first hearing of 11 Turkish revolutionaries was to be held on July 2 (today).Prisoners prepared for defense were blocked by the dispatch police. The police did not take the prisoners to court, saying that they could not take the banners and placards they brought with them to the courtroom for the statement they wanted to make in the courtroom. After the discussions with the police, Şadi Naci Özpolat went to the court on behalf of the prisoners and told the court what happened and what happened was an attack on the prisoners' freedom of expression. The court was adjourned...

Description of the People’s Assemblies

KESK Executives Expelling High Resistance and Revolutionary Public Workers Are Writing the History of Opportunism! KESK executive is the nirvana of opportunism, now. However, As our uncle expressed about opportunism and reformism, 'smart leftism' even undermines the definition of 'free revolutionism'. When it's time to resist and pay the price, you'll see that Turkey's minister of international drug shipments, the head of torture, becomes the chiefs of the Degenerate. They do not hesitate to take full-length photos with them and openly announce their collaborations. And, You will see that those happy poses are instantly forgotten. They do not fail to...

Revolutionary Workers’ Movement Statement: You Cannot Defeat the Bakırköy Resistance with Arbitrary Bans

Bakırköy District Governorate has been banned for weeks against the Bakırköy Resistance. This ban is only for the Bakırköy Resistance. It is clear that the banwas a purely political decision and was made to end the resistance.Nursel Tanriverdi, who has been on the field every Monday in Bakırköy Square, has been arbitrarily for weeks detained by torture. Even those who want to suffer this injustice are detained.The Bakırköy District Governorship, which does business with the instructions, and the AKP's torturer police, Bakırköy will not be able to end its resistance. Bakırköy Resistance fighter Nursel Tanrıverdi will continue to resist for...

Description of Armutlu People’s Front Dilek Doğan

He brutally murdered DİLEK DOĞAN...!He will spend 45 days in jail if his sentence is approved!Nothing 20 years for EMRAH DOĞAN, who did not kill anyone and demanded justice for his brother! >You have completely murdered the Doğan family, WITH YOUR INJUSTICE!YOU WILL SROW IN THE MOTHERS' ANGRY AND TEARS!If you think your actions, injustices, lawlessness and injustice will go unpunished; YOU ARE WRONG!WE ARE THE PEOPLE!WE WANT JUSTICE AND WE WILL GET IT!LET US DO NOT DOUBT THAT JUSTICE WILL FIND!DOWN WITH THE INJUSTICE OF Fascism;< /p>LONG LIVE JUSTICE OF THE PEOPLE...!!!

11 Turkish Revolutionaries Tortured in the Court of Koridalos in Greece

In the 2nd Court held today, 11 Turkish Revolutionaries were tortured and taken to the cell They did not allow them to torture the revolutionaries.They tore Hazal Seçer's top during the attack Sinan OktayÖzenin is currently waiting for an ambulance because they kicked him in the chest The same attack was carried out on 15 spectators inside. At the moment, we cannot even reach our comrades and all the viewers that we will hear about the situation of our comrades.11 The Greek Government and Turkish Fascism are primarily responsible for anything that may happen to our Turkish revolutionary comrades.The Fascism...

You Can’t Take Omer Akyel, Worker of the Resistance Council, by Torturing him

You will not be able to give up our slogan that we will organize people's resistance against your fascism that you want to legalize!We love our people and our country very much, we fight as a necessity of our love, and we will continue to do so! As the Resistance Council, we have been making press releases every Thursday for four weeks as part of the We Want Justice campaign in Ankara Abdi İpekçi Park. On Thursday, 8.07.2021, Ankara Resistance Assembly workers released a press release describing the psychological and physical tortures of Elif Ersoy, a worker of Walking Journal,...

Berlin People’s Assembly Statement: Erk Acarer is not alone

On Wednesday, 07.07.2021, while our people's friend, Journalist Erk Acarer, was sitting in the garden of his house with his family, a treacherous and treacherous attack was organized by the fascist group calling themselves "Ottoman Hearths".Ottoman Hearths. The fascist group called AKP fascism is a group financed abroad by the degenerate Süleyman. Those who speak their minds like Erk Acarer without fear or hesitation are declaring their enemies as enemies.We explain here and say that you, the mercenaries of the fascist AKP, the reactionary fascists, Erk Acarer, or those who express themselves freely against you, are not afraid of you....