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Families from TAYAD: Where is KESK Running?

Public workers' union KESK got its historical flow from revolutionary teachers, health professionals, in short, from the struggle against fascism. Today's KESK, on ​​the other hand, has been clad in reformist policies and is competing with the AKP's Memur-Sen. This race is held in front of the revolutionary, democrat and progressive civil servants in KESK. To give an example; Public workers who continue the Yüksel Resistance can be cited as an example.The current administration confirms the AKP's interior minister's statement, "We saved KESK from the revolutionaries." Being a unionist is not being a spokesperson for the fascist AKP based on...

Stuttgart People’s Assembly: What Happened in Elmalı Represents the Morality of Fascism

In June last year, a grandmother who went to the prosecutor's office in Balıkesir claimed that her two grandchildren, who were 6 and 9 years old at that time, were sexually abused, and her ex-wife Merve Akman and her husband Rahmi Akman were married to her daughter-in-law. She complained about her boyfriends. In her complaint, she stated that her two grandchildren, who were still kindergarten students, had been systematically raped. Even though the children expressed their experiences in writing and drawing, Merve and Rahmi Akman, who were tried in this case recently, were released!This incident, which shows the morality, or...

Dev-Genç: Those Who Killed Will Give Account on July 2

Anatolian Land is Ours, Murderers Will Go Out!On July 2, 1993, the oligarchy implemented a massacre plan. 37 intellectuals, writers, public figures, 2 hotel employees were burned alive and suffocated by smoke. The prime minister of the time, Tansu Çiller, said after the incident, "Thank God, our people outside the hotel were not harmed." This is Anatolian lands! Anatolia always knew how to create new intellectual artists and warriors from the spilled blood of the people! The massacres know our anger, they increase our desire to hold them accountable!The Killer State Will Give Account!We Will Not Forget the Sivas Massacre!Dev-...

Statement of the 10th Board of the Revolutionary Workers’ Movement KESK

You Will Not Get Any Results From A Policy Made By Reconciling And Begging For Permission!Those Who Break Their Meal and Split Bread With Bloody Murders and Torturers Become Enemies To Those Who Resist, They Expel the Syndicate by Impromptu Voting In the days we left behind, KESK held its 10th General Assembly. KESK, which is a reflection of the policies it has followed in the last period of the general assembly held, displayed behaviors that are not equal to the politics of order with the movements expected from it. Instead of standing behind his own members, he welcomed the...

Okmeydanı People’s Front: Description

THE STATE'S TRADITION OF MASSACRE CONTINUES FROM PAST TO TODAY!YOU CANNOT END THE PEOPLE OF ANATOLIAN WITH MASSACRE AND OPPRESSION!The Sivas Massacre is neither the first massacre of the state nor the end. This tradition has a bloody claw in every massacre, from Dilek, Berkin, GünayÖzarslan, Günay to Sıla Abalay, İnanç Özkeskin, who was murdered in front of her family in her home, Deniz Poyraz, who was murdered in the HDP building, and the children of the people murdered with chemicals. Those who were the lawyers of the murderers in Sivas that day are the ones who founded the AKP...

Elif Ersoy Is Not Alone, Let Elif Ersoy’s Referral Request Be Accepted Immediately!

YÜRÜYÜŞ Magazine's owner and editor-in-chief Elif ERSOY is systematically tortured by Kayseri Bünyan prison and her book-journal rights are usurped. It responds to its servants with the tradition of Free Captivity, and shows how to respond to the fascists with its resistance against all kinds of pressure, violence and usurpation of rights. We want it to be met. Elif ERSOY's demands are our demands.WE WANT JUSTICE FOR ELİF ERSOY AND THE PRISONERS!DEV-GENÇ

Council of Resistances: Following Pir Sultan’s Path is Not Giving Up to the Oppressor!

Like every year, exactly 28 years ago, on July 2, 1993, a commemoration and comprehension event for Pir Sultan would be held. The revolutionary-democratic-progressive-intellectuals, especially the Alevi people, were summoned to the hometown of Pir SultanAbdal, who said, "Let anyone come back, I will not return from my path". However, the fascist-reactionary parties incite the public and try not to organize events with threat calls. "religiousness" propaganda is made on Aziz Nesin's translated book "The Satanic Verses" He tries to provoke the public with words such as "enmity to religion, atheism, irreligion" by distorting the events by giving speeches, and...

The Right of Defense of Revolutionary Prisoners Cannot Be Denied

The first hearing of 11 Turkish revolutionaries was to be held on July 2 (today).Prisoners prepared for defense were blocked by the dispatch police. The police did not take the prisoners to court, saying that they could not take the banners and placards they brought with them to the courtroom for the statement they wanted to make in the courtroom. After the discussions with the police, Şadi Naci Özpolat went to the court on behalf of the prisoners and told the court what happened and what happened was an attack on the prisoners' freedom of expression. The court was adjourned...

Description of the People’s Assemblies

KESK Executives Expelling High Resistance and Revolutionary Public Workers Are Writing the History of Opportunism! KESK executive is the nirvana of opportunism, now. However, As our uncle expressed about opportunism and reformism, 'smart leftism' even undermines the definition of 'free revolutionism'. When it's time to resist and pay the price, you'll see that Turkey's minister of international drug shipments, the head of torture, becomes the chiefs of the Degenerate. They do not hesitate to take full-length photos with them and openly announce their collaborations. And, You will see that those happy poses are instantly forgotten. They do not fail to...