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Public School 42nd Issue Has Been Released

Our Death Fast Resistance for Justice;The slogan "Shoulder to Shoulder Against Fascism" Is ForgottenIt Revived Revolutionary Solidarity in a Process. The Strongest of PeoplesHe Showed That His Weapon Is Solidarity.Joint Call for Ebru and Aytaç from All Over the World:1,273 Aydıns, Artist, Politician, Journalist from Turkey: "Ebru and AytaçLet him be tried fairly!", 1848 Bar Associations, Lawyers, Lawyers from 40 Different CountriesOrganization: "End Unlawfulness! Let's Keep Our Colleagues Alive!""To Live is Right, To Live is Duty!" He Signed.Thousands of Different Thinkers in Turkey and 50 Countries of the WorldProfession and Mass Organization, Party, Artist and Intellectual, Revolutionaries JusticeGathered in Resistance....

Public School 43rd Issue Is Out

Public School's 43rd Issue Has Been ReleasedLawyer of the People's Law Office EBRU TIMTİK IS IMMORTALEbru Speaks the Last Word Ebru Lives Defense Fights JusticeOur War Is Growing Because There Are Ebrus In Anatolia Because There Are Those Who Resist...Weekly Magazine PeopleTo Download School's 43rd Issue Click...To Access All Issues Click…Contents* Ebru Spoken the Last Word Ebru is AliveDefense is Fighting Our War for Justice is Growing Because There Are Marblings in Anatolia Because Those Who ResistYes...* Voice to Justice Halka Nefes Ebru Timtik is Immortal! of the peopleLaw Firm Attorney Ebru Will Live In The Struggle For Justice Of...

Public School Magazine 46th Issue Is Out

Helin, Mustafa, Immortalized by the Demand for Justice for the People,With the indigestion of the victory we won with İbrahim, Ebru and Aytaç, Özgür, DidemThe Attacking Fascist AKP Cannot Overshadow Our Victory, It Cannot End Our Struggle for Justice!The 16th Penal Chamber of the Supreme Court 10 Hours After ReleasedRe-ArrestedUpheld the Sentences of the People's Lawyers!Detained After Release, Sadık Eroğlu, ÜmitIlter, Emel Yesilirmak; Arrested Again After 6 Hours!We Want Justice, We Will Get It! Contents* We Want Justice, If You Don't Give It, We Will Take It By Force!* Revolutionary Lawyers Cannot Be Taken! Given by the Supreme CourtDecisions are...

Public School Magazine 47th Issue Is Out

You Can't Silence With Legal BullyingYou Can't Stop It With Re-Arrest From Prison!Your Decaying Order, Your Corrupted Justice You Have Been Crushed Under Our 30 Kg Sizes!Number: 47October 4, 2020Contents* Fascism, Decaying Order is Corrupted Justice* Justice Is Too Valuable to be Left at the mercy of FascismReal Death is Accepting the Injustice of Fascism!* Victory; It is the right of our people who resist like bread and water!Zafer, by Mustafa Koçak, Helin Bölek, İbrahim Gökçek, Ebru TimtikHe was born like the sun shining on his forehead, over the Anatolian lands!* We Win the Victory in Death Fasting... We Will...

Public School Magazine 48th Issue Is Out

BOURIOUS DEMOCRACY IS DICTATORSHIP FOR THE PEOPLE!FASCISM IS A POLICE STATE-TOMA IS THE REPUBLIC-IT IS THE REPUBLIC OF DETENTION-PRISON IS REPUBLIC-THE PEOPLE IS ENEMY, IT IS A BIG LIE THAT IT IS THE STATE OF LAW. IF IT IS OUR MISSION AGAINST BOURIOUS DEMOCRACY:- ORGANIZING FOR PEOPLE'S DEMOCRATIC POWER -RESISTING AGAINST FASCISM IS NEVER TO SURPRISE!Number: 48October 11, 2020Contents* Democracy for the Bourgeoisie is Dictatorship for the People!* The isolation imposed on Ali Osman Köse is Torture! in isolationEnd!* Art and Artist for the People: No Art for Fascism! FascismIt cannot produce anything original for the public, Cannot create! 'MusicSaying...

Public School Magazine 51st Issue Is Out

The Reason for the Arrest of the Yuksel Insurgents:Taking Intense ActionAKP FASCISM SAYS;* Exported by Decree and Played with Your Bread; YOU RESISTED* Detained by Torture; YOU DID NOT GIVE UP* Fine; YOUR PAYMENT* I Gave House Arrest; YOU DON'T KNOW* I Terrorized and Kicked Out of Syndicates; YOU ARE NOT FAILEDTHEREFORE, I WILL PUNISH YOU FOR CRIMINAL AND IMPRISONED...OLIGARCHY IS IMPOSSIBLE AGAINST THOSE WHO RESISTS!NO TORTURE, NOR ARREST, NO PENALTY...NOTHING CAN PREVENT RESISTANCES AGAINST FACISISRESISTANCE DOES NOT END BEFORE INJUSTICE IS END!Contents*Ascension Resistors' Work for 1454 Days, For Their BreadThey Continue to Resist The Reason for the Arrest of...