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Public School Distribution in a May Neighborhood

People in a May NeighborhoodSchool magazine was distributed, 60 Public School magazines were published in the magazine study.magazine was distributed to the people of Bir Mayıs Mahallesi.To deliver our magazine to our peopleand we will continue to organize to raise awareness of our people.To all our people with our magazineWe will reach out, our magazine is our organizing tool, fascism threatens our magazine distributors.He runs away, takes custody, does not print our magazine, against this we pageWe will take our magazine to our people, even if it is a page, and we will continue our work.Let's Read Public SchoolLet's get...

Hasan Ferit Gedik Workers Distributed Magazines

Hasan Ferit Gedik laborersOn 26 November in Stuttgart, 30 Bizim Mahalle magazines and 16 Public SchoolsHe delivered his magazine to tradesmen and mailboxes.Hasan Ferit Gedik laborersThey explain how important it is to read and be taught with these words: 'It's on our plate.whatever comes to us comes to our spoon.' Reading improves our horizons, reading always makes usmoves forward.Our Neighborhood and Public SchoolLET'S READ MAGAZINES AND SHARE IT TO OUR PEOPLE!Hasan Ferit GedikWorkers span> class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"> b>

Public School 55th Issue Is Out

Women Security Guards Working on Tramways in Izmir at Bus StopsSince There Is No ToiletIt Is Forced To Bind It Is Profit At The Focus Of Capitalism Everything For ProfitDestroys Value. It's Savage and Immoral!This Will Destroy All Your Violent Order,Ending the Exploitation of Man by ManWE WILL ESTABLISH THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE!Public School 55.Click...People's SchoolTo Reach All Issues Click…Ownerand Responsible Editor: İrfan YILMAZAddress:Hobyar Mah. Cemal Nadir Sok. Büyük Milas Han, No:24 İçkapı No:220Fatih/İSTANBULOffsetPreparation: Ozan PublishingAddress:Zübeyde Hanım Mah. Fevzi Cakmak Cad. 1297. Sokak No: 1 Apartment: 1 Sultangazi /ISTANBULMail:kanattan2@gmail.comTel: (0212) 419 31 96 ISSN: 2687-4075Edition:Kalmak Ofset Matbaacılık Yüzyıl Mahallesi...

Public School Call from Germany’s Giant Youth

p>People as German Giant-Youth on Friday morning, 11 DecemberWe read the column 'From the Free Prisoners' Front' from the 56th issue of the School Journal.Death Fast of Our Free Prisoners from Kocaeli No. 2 F Type PrisonWe read what you wrote about our martyr Helin and Ebru. them once againfamiliar, once again connected and loved.To know our martyrs and follow our policiesLet's Read the Public School Magazine! Germany Dev-Young