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Samsun Giant Young Description

Noon todayDuring the hours, technical works of the Walking Journal in Gazi Mahallesi were carried out.The Ozan Publishing office was raided by the murderous police of the AKP. Whatyou can't mute the Walking Journal no matter what you do. With raids, attacks,Prohibitions, detentions and arrests, the facts of the Walk Magazine to the publicYou cannot prevent it from reaching.WalkMagazine is Our Honor!Sound of HopeCannot be silenced!SamsunGiant Youngspan>b>

Nancy Popular Front Description

Torturers, Looters, Cowards!They're afraid, they don't want people's artThey are afraid of those who do. From the revolutionary press, from writing the truth to the publicthey are afraid you are right to be afraid, we will magnify your fears, your fearsit will be your grave!First Walking Magazine,Then they raided our İdil Cultural Center, the murderous, abusive police of the AKP. FirstThis is not your raid! You raided İdil Cultural Center six times in the last two years andYou have printed the Marching Magazine many times, destroying and plundering it in each raid.Your plundering, breaking,We will restore our institutions that you...

Ankara People’s Front Writing and Poster Work

Ankara Halk Cepheliler Misket Mahallesi, Natoyolu Caddesi Tuzluçayır Dört Yola and Tuzluçayır Abidin Aktaş Street .“Group Comment is the People, It Can't Be Silenced!” “People's Lawyers Are Our Honor!” “People's Voice Marching Magazine Can't Be Silenced!” “Pressures Can't Intimidate Us!” He made posters and writing works signed by the People's Front. A total of 8 posters were hung.Ankara People's Front

Austrian Popular Front Description:

FactsYou Can't Detain, You Can't Silence the March Magazine!AKP bought dozens of newspapers, hundreds of juggle cornersit wasn't enough to put the writer on a salary. Attacking the revolutionary press to write the truthtrying to prevent. Ozan, where the technical works of the Walking Magazine were carried out.Publishing has been published dozens of times before, but it has been published without a day's delay.continued typing.Walking at noon on February 25 magazineprinted; Tahsin Sağaltı, Cemil Kurt, Turgut Onur and Necati Demirci torturedwas detained with Our comrades Tahsin, who were brought before the court today,The healer and Cemil Kurt were arrested. Walking...

On 13 MARCH, Halk Cepheliler Street Work was carried out in Kuruçeşme Neighborhood.

Most of the people in street work are in our neighborhood.They also voiced their complaints about drugs and corruption in general.In the folk narratives of drugs, prostitution, gambling, theft, disrespect.They also said that it was the AKP government where immorality increased the most.With our people, mainly the raids on our magazine and the members of Grup Yorum.attacks were discussed. In our study, 10yürüyüş magazine was delivered to the public.People's Front in Kuruçeşme on Tuesday, February 8-13Magazine in Yenimahalle, Merkez, Şenyurt and Kuruçeşme neighborhoods in Kıraç districtthey delivered to the public 45 magazines were distributed in the study.

Walk Magazine Stand Opened at Grup Yorum Concert in Switzerland

Walk magazine stand was opened for the first time in Switzerland.Grup Yorum band held in Switzerland on Sunday, March 17In his concert, the Walk Magazine Stand was opened. Captive Ebru Yeşilırmak with various postersThe old special issues of the Walk Magazine stand on the magazine stand with its poster.There was also a small exhibition of paintings with their covers. Also, the old WalkTheir magazines also took their places on the table.As well as many visitors to the Walking Journal deskspecially invited director of the Swiss Association of Reporters Without Bordersalso visited. The association manager, who stayed at the table for...

Duisburg Walking Magazine Distribution

Our hope is being taken away with fake news." Oppressionno, the people are afraid, no one can resist, everyone bows"Our people are being left helpless with their lies.Also for our people living in Germany "Patriot, Strong unyielding state" liesThis is how emotions are used.The truth of WALKING MAGAZINE against all this lie hopelessnessbringing hope to our people.We can publish our magazine wherever our Turkish people are in Germany.We must deliver. When the contrary truths are not brought to the public, the lies will leave those is entering. Layout does not recognize spaces.18 magazines in bulk sale this week in...

The 108th issue of the Walking Journal is On Air

108. th anniversary of our March Against Imperialism and Oligarchy.We share the text voiceovers of the issue.PDF of our journal www.yuruyus-info.orgYou can download, read.Our Journal Issue 108 dated March 3, 2019 SESLİ< /a>to listen, share or download collectively or separatelyCLICK.Listening to the voice-overs of all issues of our magazine,To download, share, visit our RegardsYürüyüş Magazine Workers