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We Hang Wall Newspapers for Turan Aktaş

GIANT-YOU PEOPLE In front of Şişli Municipality, newspapers hung wall newspapers demanding the reinstatement of Turanwho has been resisting for his job, bread and honor for more than 600 days! Turan AKTAŞ is the voice of all dismissed workers and should be reinstated. Muammer KESKİN is an enemy of the workers!Get Turan Aktaş Back to Work!Victory Will Be the Resisting Worker!Giant-Young

Poster Work was Made for Turan Aktaş in İzmir

For Turan Aktaş, who disregards the right, law and justice, tortured the workers who sought their rights, and reported to the police that the mayor of the CHP Şişli Muammer Keskin is an enemy of workers, and who resisted by not putting up with the injustice done to him. Poster work was carried out by the Izmir Revolutionary Workers' Movement on August 2 and 3 in Izmir.

Banner for Ali Osman Köse in Hamburg

Action for Ali Osman Köse from Hamburg Youth For the sick prisoner Ali OsmanKöse, who has been imprisoned in Turkey for 38 years, in Hamburg, St. Youth of the neighborhood held a support action in Pauli. Front friends, St. Pauli youth called to be one fist and one heart against this injustice. Long Live International Solidarity!Freedom for Ali Osman Köse!

The Resistance for Identity Rights Sustained in Cologne by the German Resistance Assembly is in its 141st Week

While the insurgents once again expressed their demands this week, they also made a statement about the forest fires in our country and said that those who burn our forests and do not take precautions are traitor collaborators.- Our usurped Identity rights should be restored- Remove the 30-kilometer limitation- End the imposition of signaturesDown with Imperialism and Fascism!Long Live the Honorable Sons of Our People who are resisting for their rights!Germany Resistance Assembly