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On the 558th Day of Turan Aktaş Resistance

On the 558th day of the resistance, the İkizdere resistance and Şaban VatanıOn my return from the visit, I received a letter from the Imprisoned People's Advocate Engin Gökoğlu.It added to my resistance. It is a duty, not a crime, to advocate for the people's workers.Let the People's Advocates be released.

International 1-Day Solidarity Hunger Strike for Ali Osman Köse

Revolutionary and sick from Ali Osman Köse Freedom Committeecall to claim prisoners.As volunteers of the Freedom for Ali Osman Köse Committeewe demand the immediate release of the sick prisoner Ali Osman Köse.We decided to organize a daily International Solidarity Hunger Strike.Health and life related to Ali Osman Köse beforeFinally, as with many legal applications for securityApplication for release to the Constitutional Court in Turkey for appropriate treatmentwas also rejected.The court, now famous for its political decisions,It is true that his patient, Ali Osman Köse, can receive appropriate treatment in prison.only 2 months to the application made on April 1Over a...

Solidarity Hunger Strikes Continue for Ali Osman Köse All Over the World

Around the world on June 25, in Italy, Greece, USA, UK, Ireland, Austria, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland The peoples of the world are on a 1-day Solidarity Hunger Strike to shout Freedom for the cancer-stricken revolutionary prisoner Ali Osman Köse.With the call of the Freedom for Ali Osman Köse Committee, many international revolutionaries and anti-imperialists are barricades against the attacks of fascism on the right to life of sick prisoners, even if it is for one day, with their hunger.From organized Filipinos living in Paris, political prisoners in the USA have never been alone Messages of solidarity continue to come,...

German Resistance Assembly: We Want Our Right of Session Back

To take back our unlawful session 136We've been fighting for weeks. Our resistance is not only against session cancellations.We also resist the arbitrary attitude of the state. Yes, we say enjoyment in their handsthere is nothing concrete, no evidence, session cancellations, arbitrary 30 km limitthese are all arbitrary prints. Signatureand we do not recognize the 30 km limit, we do not recognize your arbitrary pressures. It's enjoymentDo not intimidate us with pressures. We will win our residence rights by resistingWe will not back down on this issue. We will nullify this policy of yours.we will win.Prices Can't Intimidate Us!Remove Signature...

We Have Done Stamping Work for Ali Osman Köse

Illustration as DEV-Young people on the Anatolian side of Istanbula total of 75 for the prisoner Ali Osman KÖSEwe did some stamping work! Ali Osman KÖSE releaseduntil cured and treated by independent physiciansWe will keep working until is done!Ali Osman Köse Should Be Released Immediately!We Want Justice!