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Yuksel Resistanceist Nazan Bozkurt Demands Account From AKP

Association Officer Nazan Bozkurt shouted in front of AKP provincial building:How we don't have holidays, neither will you! If we do not have peace, neither will you!Nazan Bozkurt and the shooter Mahmut Konuk were detained.The insurgents Nazan Bozkurt and Mahmut Konuk, who were detained in front of the AKP Ankara provincial building, were said to have been sentenced under the Misdemeanor Law. but they were released from the hospital without the punishment being served.

A New Poem by Revolutionary Poet Hasan Biber: WE WALK IN RED RIGHTS

WE WALK AT THE RED RIGHTS WE WALK Our own like fire in ashes Our own anger within us! We clenched our fists we wielded our weapons We marched on the oppressors! Without falling into the ground etched on our forehead the seal of the oppressor! In the red dawns we'll walk We can't make enemies before we go into conflict Wherever we are In the prison on the railings! In the neighborhood, on the street < /p>in the mountains on the paths We do not forget to greet you to all souls whose eyes are upon us! Without falling...

The Cologne Resistance for Identity Rights by the German Resistance Assembly in its 140th Week

The German Resistance Council was once again in front of the Cologne Immigration Office in its 140th week.The resistance to defend identity rights and freedom of thought continues with determination.Until the insurgents gain their identity rights Stating that the resistance will continue, they expressed the following demands:- Our identity rights should be restored- End the imposition of signatures- Remove the 30 kilometer limitation The demands of the insurgents are the demands of all victims whose right to asylum has been usurped and whose freedom of thought is denied. We call on all of our people, especially the victims, to support...