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TAYAD Families Freedom for Sick Prisoners Campaign Works

The Families of TAYAD hung 15 wall newspapers, primarily Ali Osman Köse, as part of the Freedom for Sick Prisoners Campaign, in Alibeyköy on July 29, and lit candles in front of them. The public had a great interest in wax wall newspapers. They read the newspapers with curiosity and interest. We will remove all of our sick prisoners, especially Revolutionary Patient Prisoner Ali Osman Köse, from their isolation cells.Families from TAYAD< /div>

Revolutionary Workers’ Movement Description

Labor is a Progressive Resistance!A Resistance Growing Step by Step!Turan Aktaş, a Laborer who has been defending his work for 600 days without saying summer and winterMuammer Keskin, Mayor of the CHP who is Hostile to Workers!It is a Historical Reality: Against a Determined and Faithful Resistance, Turan Will Be the WinnerThe Loser Will Be the Boss CHP and Muammer Keskin will be the Mayor! “Wherever you are,Inside, outside, in class, on the bench,Walk on,Spit in your face, the executioner,< /p>An opportunist, mischief-maker, benevolent…”A resistance that has lasted for 600 days, and Turan AKTAŞ, who has been resisting for 600...

TAYAD Families Bird Birds

The Families of TAYAD made 100 bird bird calls with the words "REPUBLIC PATIENT PRISONER ALİ OSMAN KÖSE LET IT FREE / FREEDOM FOR PATIENT PRISONERS" in Nurtepe, Mecidiyeköy, Çağlayan, Balmumcu, Ulus, Beşiktaş and Ortaköy on July 31st. .

Giant-Young: We Hang a Wall Newspaper for Ali Osman Köse

5 pieces for Ali Osman KÖSE, a cancer patient who has been imprisoned in the isolation cells of fascism for 38 years as DEV-GENÇ on the Istanbul/Anatolian side We hung a wall newspaper. Ali Osman KÖSE is the name of the revolutionary will. We will continue to be the voice of Ali Osman Köse until we take him away from the oppression!Let Ali Osman Köse be Released Immediately! p>Free the Sick Prisoners!We Want Justice, We Will Get It!< p class="MsoNormal">Dev-Young