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Freedom for Ali Osman Köse – Weekly Solidarity Action in Vienna

The Committee for Freedom for Ali Osman Köse in Austria continued its weekly action on Mariahilfer Street in Vienna city center on Wednesday, August 18th. Banners and posters were hung on the crowded street in the demonstration, which attracted many people's attention.The voices of political and sick prisoners were heard through speeches and declarations, and demand for the immediate release of Ali Osman Köse and other sick prisoners was demanded. People were asked to be informed about this issue and to spread the news on social media, and to support Ali Osman Köse by writing to the relevant official institutions...

Action for Ali Osman Köse

As every Wednesday, this Wednesday (August 18, 2021) in front of Bielefelt C&A between 17-19.00 for the treatment of Ali Osman Köse, who is ill once again. The solidarity tent was opened. People passing by and wondering were told that Ali Osman Köse was evil. It was told that he had been a revolutionary imprisoned for 37 years and that he suffered from severe cancer due to this captivity and isolation conditions, and that although he could not meet his needs on his own, his treatment was blocked. While those who murder, rape children, thieves and drug dealers are released,...

Yuksel Resistance 1746. Day Noon Statement

< /a>In his statement, Mehmet Dersulu, who made the statement of the Yuksel Resistance at Noon on the 1746th Day, said: “The AKP is unfair to the people and to itself and its supporters. impunity continues! In the Çorlu Train Massacre, the real perpetrators are not prosecuted, the same is happening in Bozkurt.Dere Those responsible for the deaths of dozens of people who gave development permission to their bed and did not inspect it are still protected, only one contractor is put on trial for show!” said

Action Held in Front of the Greek Consulate in Belgium

On August 25, a demonstration was held in front of the Greek Consulate in Brussels for 11 Turkish revolutionaries who were unlawfully arrested and sentenced to 333 years in prison. During the action, a banner reading "Freedom to 11 Revolutionaries Imprisoned in Greece!" in Greek and French was unfurled, and slogans demanding the freedom of revolutionaries were shouted.

Action in front of the Greek Embassy in Berlin

An action was held in front of the Greek Embassy in Berlin for 11 Revolutionary Turkish citizens who were imprisoned in Greece on August 25, 2021 and sentenced to a total of 330 years in prison.Approximately 1 The slogans were 'Revolutionary Freedom from 11 Turkish detainees in German and Turkish in action,' lasting for hours, 'Making Revolution is not a crime, it is a duty, Freedom for Revolutionary Prisoners, Revolutionary Prisoners are not Alone. Down with Fascism and ImperialismLong Live Our Struggle Berlin People's Assembly