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The Resistance for Identity Rights Sustained in Cologne by the German Resistance Assembly is in its 141st Week

While the insurgents once again expressed their demands this week, they also made a statement about the forest fires in our country and said that those who burn our forests and do not take precautions are traitor collaborators.- Our usurped Identity rights should be restored- Remove the 30-kilometer limitation- End the imposition of signaturesDown with Imperialism and Fascism!Long Live the Honorable Sons of Our People who are resisting for their rights!Germany Resistance Assembly

On the 61st Day of Turan Aktaş Resistance

611 today's district governor of Şişli betrays the mayor of Şişli, MuammerKeskin, to get us out of here. He hands the piece of paper into the hands of the security bureau chiefs. The governor who does not recognize the decision of the authorities of the Republic of Turkey @kilicdarogluk @muammerkeskin75

Yuksel Resistance 1732. Day Evening Statement

The Ascension Resistance evening statement was made by Merve Demirel. In her statement, Merve Demirel said, “On the 613th day of Turan Aktaş resistance. It continues to resist the CHP's hostility towards workers. Turan Aktaş will win his fight, we know that. He said.Victory Will Become of the Resisting Laborers!