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Action Held in Front of the Greek Consulate in Belgium

On August 25, a demonstration was held in front of the Greek Consulate in Brussels for 11 Turkish revolutionaries who were unlawfully arrested and sentenced to 333 years in prison. During the action, a banner reading "Freedom to 11 Revolutionaries Imprisoned in Greece!" in Greek and French was unfurled, and slogans demanding the freedom of revolutionaries were shouted.

Action in front of the Greek Embassy in Berlin

An action was held in front of the Greek Embassy in Berlin for 11 Revolutionary Turkish citizens who were imprisoned in Greece on August 25, 2021 and sentenced to a total of 330 years in prison.Approximately 1 The slogans were 'Revolutionary Freedom from 11 Turkish detainees in German and Turkish in action,' lasting for hours, 'Making Revolution is not a crime, it is a duty, Freedom for Revolutionary Prisoners, Revolutionary Prisoners are not Alone. Down with Fascism and ImperialismLong Live Our Struggle Berlin People's Assembly

Edibe Main Resistance Continues in its 78th Week

Justice Resistance for Ana Edibe has been going on for 78 weeks and 543 days. Operations, detentions, arrests cannot prevent our demand for justice. Our struggle for justice will continue until the murderers are punished.Palaces and sultanates collapsethe blood thirsts one daythe persecution endsthere will be those who go to tomorrowand those who resist for tomorrow

Yuksel Resistance 1753. Day Noon Statement

Merve Demirel, who made the statement of Yuksel Resistance at Noon on the 1753th Day, said, “We are fighting against the decree laws. We are fighting for justice against the legalization of fascism through decree laws. We want justice for the Şenyaşar family and Edibe Anne, we will not stop fighting”.