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Resistance Assembly Long March: Action in Front of Berlin Interior Ministers

Log in as Düsseldorf Resistance Tent InsurgentsOn the 4th day of the long march we started to claim our rights, the Berlin Ministry of Internal Affairswe were in front of you. We carried out our action accompanied by folk songs, marches and slogans. 2 timesWe finished the 4th day of the long walk by reading our papers. Tomorrow (April 16)2021) We are in Magdeburg. We call on all our people to embrace it.Return Our Right of Session Immediately!Our Right of Session Cannot Be Extorted!

They shot a video for Ali Osman Köse from Europe Giant-Genç

Europe Giant-Young,Ali, a sick prisoner kept in isolation in the cells of fascism for 37 yearsThey shot the videos they wanted freedom for Osman Köse. Although he has cancerAli Osman, who received the report "May be in prison" in the Forensic Medicine InstituteWe want freedom for Köse.ALİ OSMAN KÖSE IS OUR HONOR !LIBERTY FOR ALI OSMAN KÖSE!FREE TO PATIENT PRISONERS!

Council of Resistances in Magdeburg on the 5th Day of the Long March

on the 5th day of our Long WalkWe were in Magdeburg, Germany today. Our supporters thereextremely warmly welcomed and final preparations for actioncompleted together. It started at 14.00 and was extremely successful.During the action, halay dances were performed to the accompaniment of Grup Yorum folk songs, hundreds of statements were made.distributed and dozens of signatures were collected against the usurpation of our right of residence.Our struggle for our right of residence in the speeches made during the protestand the racist and fascist policies of the German state were exposed.

Resistance Assembly Long March 8th Day Frankfurt

As the German Resistance Assembly, we were in Frankfurt, Germany on the 8th day of the long march we started on Monday, April 12, with the demand that we want our right of residence back. We drew people's attention with songs, slogans, handing out leaflets and collecting signatures during the 2-hour protest held in the mall.Our Long Walk continues at full speed. We are waiting for everyone who supports our Resistance in Mannheim and its surroundings tomorrow at 17:00 in front of Mannheim Hauptbahnhof.Our Right of Residence Cannot Be Extorted! p>We will continue to expose the lawlessness of the German...

The Long March was in Mannheim

Today's Stop of the Long Walk was Mannheim.< p>Picnics, weddings, concerts, permission applications they have done and participated in... being "punished" for reasons that push the limits of reason, completely "coercive", with penalties that do not have an equivalent in their own laws and the constitution, as in any case. they did not succumb to the threats and blackmail of the session, for which they face "forced" sanctions. They have increased their ongoing resistance and continue to resist with the "Long March".Today, on April 20, 2021, leaflets were distributed and signatures were collected in the action that took place in...

Germany with Giant Young Hikers in Stuttgart

As Germany Giant-Youth, we were in Stuttgart, Germany with the hikers on Wednesday, April 21st.As youth, we participated in the long march started by the Resistance Council from the very beginning. We did not leave the insurgents alone in Stuttgart for 10 days. During the action in the bazaar center, the group played commentary songs, handouts were distributed and support signatures were collected.We call everyone to İlker Şahin's court on Friday, the last day of the Long March. .Resist, We Will Win! Session Rights Cannot Be Extorted!< br>

German Resistance Assembly Long March in Stuttgart

The Long March we started on April 12 as the German Resistance Assembly was in Stuttgart on its 10th day. In the action that took place in the center of the bazaar, saying that we want our right of residence back, leaflets were distributed and tens of signatures were collected. We had a good action with the enthusiasm of Stuttgart People's Assembly staff and Giant-Young people. We thank the participants and invite everyone to support the trial of our Resistance Council member İlker Şahin on Friday, April 23.We Want Our Session Right Back!

We are in front of the Cologne Court for our Right of Residence on April 23

Fighting racism is not a crime, it is a dutyTo be against corruption is a duty, not a crime. Organizing a Group Comment concert is an honor, not a crimeTo express our condolences is not a crime, it is the value of our people. Taking meat on a picnic is not a crime, it's sharing, it's friendship.If all these are crimes, we will continue to commit this crime.We want our Session Rights BackWe have brought all our people to İlker Şahin's right of residence Courtwe call.Action Time: 10:30Location: Cologne AmtsgerichtLuxemburger Straße 101, 50939 CologneDuisburg Committee We Want Justice