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Germany Giant-Youth Resistance Assembly Participated in Court Action

The last stop of the long march started by the German Resistance Assembly was in front of İlker Şahin's court. The court was postponed, but despite it, we carried out our action in front of the court. As Dev-Young people, we did not leave the insurgents alone. A friend of ours attended the event by speaking in German. Apart from that, the action was ended with our dances and slogans. This resistance will not end with the long march. We will resist until session rights are taken back!Session Rights Cannot Be Breached! Germany Dev-Young< a href=""image"284%B251210 style="clear: left; float: left;...

Yuksel Resistance 1630. Day Noon Statement

We want our jobs back for 1630 days. We want justice. TodayThe questions asked by the public in the face of the 17-day closure decision, our rents,How are we going to pay our debts? Instead of the people's own health, hunger andstruggle against this system that condemns poverty to thinking We must organize the resistance of the people. Resistances against hunger, poverty, injusticeWe must organize in the assembly.

People of Armutlu Visited Resistance fighter Turan Aktaş

Give Your Shoulder< /p>If You Say The Fight Is Mine This Spark Becomes Fire Pearl People on April 27thHe visited Turan Aktaş, who has been resisting for 504 days in front of the CHP Provincial Building in Şişli.Let's visit the insurgentsLet's support the AKP fascism against the isolation and isolation attacks.with a hot tea and a hello to a friend with a smileLet's visit.

We Want Justice for Edibe Özçelik

Ill Prisoner Ali OsmanFreedom for KöseIn Samandağ District of HatayOn January 16, in the Tekebaşı neighborhood, police officers, who were the law enforcement officers of the AKP,Edibe Özçelik, who fell ill and had a heart attack during the operation,We want justice for the murderers of the family and children under the namelaunched a campaign. is 421 days in 61 weeks, TekebaşıThe Özçelik family, who resisted in their neighborhood, was re-opened by the police in the past weeks.and their signatures collected as part of the justice campaign were stolen. Repeat operationThe reason was to want Edibe Özçelik's murderers to be tried.they...

Dortmund We Want Justice Committee: We Visited the Tent of the Resistance

For Session RightsWe Visited Those Who ResistFor Session RightsThose Who Resist is Our Honor April 15 session rightsWe visited the resistance tent of the Resistance Council, which is fighting forWe explained our support.Solidarity for those who resist andIt is the greatest weapon of the righteous.Making revolution a crimeWe will not allow our rights to be usurped. We Want Justice!Revolution is not a crime,Task is Dortmund We Want JusticeCommittee

Action Taken for Sick Prisoners in Bielefeld

Bielefeld city on Saturday, April 24 from 12-14 pmSick Prisoner Ali Osman Köse and Mumia Abu Jamal at the center for George AbdullahThe action was held by the Bielefeld Revolutionary Prisoners Solidarity Committee.During the action, leaflets in German and Turkish were read and distributed. We also passedZeynep Yıldırım, our sister, who lost her life due to the covid virus, andMustafa Koçak, Helin Bölek, İbrahim Gökçek and Ebru, who died on the death fastTimtik was commemorated. Their pictures are decorated with flowers and their resistance and struggleexplained. The action also took place, demanding the release of Ali Osman Köse.videos were shot....