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Popular Front of Greece Protested in Front of the Belgian Embassy

People's Front of Greece was held on March 9, 2021 in St. Özgür Prisoner, who is on hunger strike against the imposition of "Single Dress" in Gilles prison, held a solidarity action in support of Erdal Gökoğlu.People from the Front in front of the Belgian embassy "Single Dress is Torture End Torture, Freedom for Erdal Gökoğlu" The People of the Front, who opened a banner with the words "People's Front", read a statement about the hunger strike and chanted "We Didn't Wear Uniform Clothes, We Will Not Wear, We Will Win by Resistance, Erdal Gökoğlu is Our Honor". slogans were...

Belgian Giant-Young: Day 2 Before Saint-Gilles Prison

Belgium Dev-Genç was in front of the prison on the second day of the Belgian Solidarity Committee's decision to be in front of the prison every day. The world hunger strike statement was read. And in front of the prison, 2 Dev-Young people started a hunger strike. The slogans "Freedom for Erdal Gökoğlu" and "Erdal Gökoğlu is not alone" were chanted. The action that started at 16.00 was ended at 17.15.We will not allow the Belgian State to Kill Erdal Gökoğlu! Stop the Imposition of Uniform Dress! Erdal Gökoğlu is Our Honor! Erdal Gökoğlu is not alone!

People of the Greek Front Participate in the Solidarity March with Refugees

People's Front of Greece joined the march of solidarity with the refugees organized by the Greek Left organizations on March 20.Refugees who were kept in the European Union camps and in inhumane conditions in Greece, without electricity, without water, in mud, in the rain, living in the snow, are the refugees of imperialism and It is the shame of the European Union. The Greek government, which spends millions of dollars on armaments, says that it applies humane conditions to so-called refugees, but the facts are as clear as daylight. Refugees who lost their lives in the camps due to hunger...

Popular Front of Greece Celebrated Newroz Day

We celebrated Newroz, which improves the awareness of the peoples of the world to seek rights. Together with our Greek friends, we lit the Newroz fire and the Popular Front read it.After the press release, Revolutionary Poet Hasan Biber read the poem "Become Newroz" and Newroz was celebrated with dances.< p>

Germany We Want Justice Committee: We are on a 1-Day Hunger Strike

We Will Announce Our Desire for Justice to Seher Adıgüzel, Sevcan Adıgüzel and Betül Varan on Saturday, March 27!We are on a 1-day hunger strike On Saturday, March 27, Seher Adıgüzel Sevcan Adıgüzel and Betül We are on a one-day support hunger strike within the framework of the Freedom for Varan campaign. Let's feel their hunger for freedom with our hunger Let's increase our demand for justice and pull them out of the isolation cells of fascism.Sevcan Adıgüzel is calling out to us with her composition in prison. Don't be silent, please don't be silent, let my voice be heard,...

A Call From Their Families For 3s In Europe For March 27

The family of Bergün Varan, who returned to their country to demand an independent homeland from the Netherlands and joined Grup Yorum, and Betül Varan, who is still imprisoned in the dungeons of fascism, called for a one-day hunger strike to be held on March 27, 2021.Betül VaranRelease Seher and Sevcan Adıgüzel, Immediately!Netherlands Popular Front