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No March Against Imperialist War Held in Greece

A march was held in Athens on Saturday, October 24 to say no to wars that serve the interests of imperialism against the warmongers of the governments of Turkey and Greece. The Greek Popular Front, Greek left and anarchist groups participated in the action, where anti-imperialist slogans were chanted and anger against the imperialists was expressed.

Dev-Young 51 Years Old What Do You Think About It?

"What do you think about this at Dev-Young 51 Years old?" We share with you a new video of the project.Our people say, 'The Giant-Young people are our honor, our hope'.The Giant-Young, who is a scream when nobody makes a sound, and a light in the darkest days, is 51 years old. We grow up by learning from Hasan Selimler, Şafak, Bahtiyar and Elifler, Çiğdem, Bernalar and Bilgehanlar, who marched, fought and became immortal on that path to hold accountable for their murdered comrades and brothers. 51Our year is our year of victory! Long live the Giant-Young Long Live the...

Action in front of Turkish Consulate Against Detentions from Germany Dev-Genç and Stuttgart Popular Front

In the operation against the Popular Front in Turkey, people's artists, people's lawyers, people's children and revolutionaries were abducted from the middle of the street or detained under torture due to house raids. The detention period is being extended unlawfully with the arbitrary practices of the AKP. Our people are tortured in security. In the first court held today, about 20 people out of 31 were released, while the others were referred and a warrant was issued for their arrest. p>'We are not 120 people, we are millions!' we came up to them. We chanted our slogans during the 1-hour...

Germany Giant-Young: Raids Arrests Can’t Intimidate Us

Detentions, Arrests and Pressures cannot intimidate us! We are not 120, we are millions! We made our voice heard at Stuttgart Rotebühlplatz. A total of 120 people were detained after the operation on 28th and 29th October. 34 of them were arrested. The AKP-Government is still openly showing its fear against Grup Yorum, against the people. For 35 years, they have not been able to destroy Grup Yorum, the people's artists, against all oppression, arrests and torture. Grup Yorum won a political victory against these oppressions and tortures and achieved a great victory. An attack was made not only against...

Germany Celebrates the 4th Year of the Giant-Young Yuksel Resistance

The Ascended Resistanceists have been resisting for 4 years for their work and honor. They make statements on Yüksel Street in front of Ankara human rights twice a day. They are driven away each time by torture, without even putting on their aprons and even opening their banners. They have been detained many times. Now they have been arrested on the grounds of intense action. They arrested the insurgents, but the rise did not end the resistance. Friends and supporters of the insurgents continue the protests.And we invite everyone to write a letter to the imprisoned insurgents. The Insurgents of...