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Germany Giant-Young: 19-22 December Martyrs’ Commemoration

We commemorated 28 martyrs of the revolution who were murdered in prisons on December 19-22 this week in our weekly commemoration of the martyrs of the revolution. We finished our commemoration with Ümit İlter's poem “Sıra NeferineDir”.Fırat ChickenAhmet İbiliFidan KalşenAşur Korkmaz p>Yazgül GüderAli AteşÖzlem ErcanŞefinur TezgelNilüfer Alcan Gülser TuzcuSeyhan DoganMustafa YilmazCengiz CalikoparanMurat ÖrdekçiAlp Aka Akçayöz p>Ercan PolatUmut GedikRıza PoyrazIlker BabacanFahri and Sultan Yellow< p>Murat ÖzdemirAli İhsan Özkanİrfan OrtakçıHasan GüngörmezYasemin CancıBerrin Bıçkılar andHalil ÖnderThe Martyrs of December 19-22 are Immortal!

HFG-Labourers; We Opened Our Banner In Cologne, Germany

On December 23, 2020, HFG-Workers held a ten-minute demonstration in front of Dom in Cologne, Germany. For ten minutes, we introduced our HFG-Challenge Center to the people passing by the Dom. We have shown that we offer drug-free and free support and that our people are not helpless and hopeless.A total of four people participated in this action. We made our voices heard in front of all Dom. We Are Not Hopeless and Helpless! The Solution Is in the People's Assemblies! HFG-Workers Germany p>

Grup Yorum Volunteers were at the Solidarity Meeting with the Palestinian People

A solidarity rally with the Palestinian people, who were condemned to live under occupation and embargo and resisted against all odds, was held in Magdeburg on Sunday, the 27th. We, as Hamburg Grup Yorum Volunteers, showed our solidarity by participating in the rally, attended by approximately 100 people. The rally, which started with speeches at the Magdeburg central train station, continued with a march that lasted for about 2 hours. During the walk, interlude speeches were held and the songs of different leftist music groups were played; Among them was Grup Yorum. The importance of international solidarity was emphasized at...

Popular Front New Year’s Fiction: 1 Year of the Fight

We will bring the hope of socialism to power among the peoples of Turkey, in front of the people of the world. We would like to thank our martyrs and prisoners who gifted our resistance. We will definitely gift them the power for which they sacrificed their lives and freedom. For this, we will rely on education, our brains on our ideology, and our hearts on the love of the people and the homeland. With the trigger pulled by our brains, we will continue to organize the armed struggle until we wipe out our last enemy from the face of...

Germany Giant-Young: 2021 Happy New Year of Fight

"We left behind a long and difficult but honorable year. We paid a heavy price, but at the same time, we created great heroism. With Helin, Mustafa, İbrahim and Ebru, we became hope and strength for all peoples of the world. We will increase this hope and strength in 2021. In this sense, happy new year of struggle to all of us!"Helin, Mustafa, İbo, Ebru are immortal!Long live the Giant-Young, Long live the Giant-Young people p>Germany Giant-Young