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Belgian Committee of Solidarity with the Resistance: What is Erdal Gökoğlu’s fault?

We Asked the Belgian Ministry of Justice: What's wrong with Erdal Gökoğlu? Why is he in prison?We held a demonstration in front of the Ministry of Justice in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Erdal Gökoğlu, who was extradited to Belgium for 4 months, is still in prison. While Erdal Gökoğlu, who should have been in prison according to the Belgian execution law, should have been released already, the early release procedure is still not being carried out by saying "his file is being examined".We continued our actions every Wednesday in front of the Ministry of Justice on 5 May. With...

İbrahim Gökçek Memorials in Stuttgart, Germany

Today, commemorations were held in Stuttgart, Nuremberg, for İBRAHİM GÖKÇEK, the commander of the 7 Notes, the star heart of the peoples of the world. We bow respectfully before the memory of GrupYorum member İbrahim Gökçek. House Commemorations and Street Commemorations will continue in the coming days.İbrahim Gökçek is Immortal!

Video in Memory of Stuttgart Grup Yorum Volunteer İbrahim Gökçek

Home Commemorations are held for the starred Yürekİbrahim Gökçek in every city of Germany upon the call of the European Giant-Young and songs are sung in his memory... On this occasion, videos, memorial photos, etc. from our people. We are waiting for you.We share with you the song "CEMO", sung by Stuttgart Grup Yorum Volunteer in memory of İbrahim Gökçek. Grup Yorum songs and anthems will not fall out of our language! We will protect the legacy that Helin and İbrahim Abi left us! İBRAHIM GÖKÇEK IS IMMORTAL!

Germany Giant Young İbrahim Gökçek Commemoration

As Germany Giant-Youth, together with Germany HFG Workers, we held a small commemoration for İbrahim Gökçek, the commander of the 7 Notes, the star heart of the peoples of the world, on May 7, 2021. We once again commemorated all our martyrs of the revolution before İbrahim Gökçek with his short expression, poetry and respect. We will keep their memories alive in our struggle!İBRAHIM GÖKÇEK IS IMMORTAL!

Telephone Interview with Grup Yorum Worker Seher Adıgüzel

On May 7, as Grup Yorum, we visited Seher Adıgüzel's family and participated in the telephone conversation.We had a 20-minute telephone conversation with the imprisoned Grup Yorum worker Seher Adıgüzel.< p>We listened to our newly published composition "Kızıldere" and explained our works. As free prisoners, we shared the enthusiasm of resistance.

We asked in front of the Belgian Ministry of Justice: What is Erdal Gökoğlu’s fault?

We carried out another of the actions we take every week in front of the Belgian Ministry of Justice on Wednesday, 12 May. Our slogans demanding that Erdal is not alone and that he be released immediately did not stop for exactly one hour.Also, what's wrong with Erdal? Why Aren't You Released Yet? We gave the file where his questions were asked to the Ministry of Justice.We will continue our actions until Erdal is released, we will never leave him alone.

Grup Yorum Continues Concert Preparations in France

The members of Grup Yorum have arrived in France for the Internet Concert that will take place on May 21. Grup Yorum members, who have started concert studies and rehearsals, invite all our people to watch the Internet concert on May 21.Group Yorum will hold an online concert on May 21. Group Comment is PublicCannot be silenced

Solidarity Action with Ali Osman Köse in Bielefeld

As the Committee for Solidarity with Revolutionary Prisoners in Bielefeld, we held a solidarity action for Cancer patient Özgür Prisoner AliOsman Köse on 14 May. We read and distributed leaflets in German and Turkish in the action. We gathered signatures for Ali Osman Köse to be released. We drew attention to the health conditions of Mumia Abu Jamal, who has been imprisoned in America for 40 years, and revolutionary George Abdullah, imprisoned in France, and demanded release for all sick prisoners. Our friends from the association of political refugees from Münster also supported the action. A Syriac friend visited us...