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HFG Neighborhood Study Continues in Cologne-Chorweiler

As HFG Workers in the Chorweiler district of Cologne, Germany, we carried out a mailbox study with the Giant-Youth in Germany. We threw the notices of 300 German and Turkish anti-drug centers together with our contact information into the mailboxes. We gave information by pressing the bells of 10 Turkish families and invited them to our Tent actions. All of our people gave very positive reactions. They follow us, they embrace us.Let's increase ownership!We must unite in the fight against drugs. We Are Not Helpless The solution is in the People's Assemblies, the Solution is in the Fight Against Drugs...

Grup Yorum: We Supported the March of Betül, Seher and Sevcan’s Mothers

As Grup Yorum, we took part in the last day of the two-week long march of Betül, Seher and Sevcanın Mothers with our songs. The mothers of Grup Yorum workers, Seher Adıgüzel and Betül Varan, and Dev-Gençli Sevcan Adıgüzel exposed all the injustices, tortures, unlawfulness and tortures of AKP fascism in the march they continued for two weeks. They explained all the crimes of AKP fascism, city by city, and shouted that they will never leave their daughters alone and that they will fight until they can freely make the art of the people. LIBERTY FOR SEHER SEVCAN AND BETÜL...

Hope Tv – Knowledge is Power – Selfishness Episode 1

In the first week of our Knowledge is Power program, our topic is SELFISH.In 3 chapters, we will briefly explain what selfishness is, how it is imposed on the public and what we should do against selfishness. Today we are here with the First Episode. Let's follow the Knowledge is Power program to strengthen our knowledge treasure...We will be here with the Knowledge is Power Program every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. We wish all our people well...Let's watch Umut Tv and let them watch!#UmutTv

Letter Call to Captive Giant-Youths Video

As European Giant Youths, we have been running the 'Captive Giant-1000 Letters to the Youth' campaign for about 5 weeks.Within the framework of this campaign, dozens of letters are written from European countries every week. After a period of 5 weeks, a total of 300 letters were sent from Europe to the imprisoned Giant-Young people. We invite everyone to double this number and write a letter to the Giant-Young people.The Giant-Young people are the most honorable sons of the people. Freedom for Giant-Youths who are imprisoned for wanting free education and justice!

Action Taken for Erdal Gökoğlu in Front of the Ministry of Justice in Belgium

We were in front of the Ministry of Justice for Erdal GökoğluWe were in front of the Ministry of Justice in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, on Wednesday, June 16th. Erdal Gökoğlu, who was unlawfully imprisoned, is held in heavy isolation. Erdal Gökoğlu, who should have been released under normal conditions, has been kept in isolation since February 3.· Not taken out for ventilation (since February 3)· Held in a solitary cell · The right to visit is not granted with the Uniform imposition · Computer rights are not granted · Letters are delivered late · Daily newspapers are given...