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Germany HFG: Who We Are

From Germany HFG- Center Against Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling: We share our first video with youMurat Durmaz; Who Are We?On November 17, 2020, HFG-Worker Murat Durmaz made a video on who Hasan Ferit Gedik is, how our Center was opened in Turkey and Germany, how many people were treated in total, and the importance of the People's Assembly. He made a call to the families by telling them.And once again; We say “We are not hopeless and helpless” and invite all of our people to the People's Assemblies to fight against Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling. Young People Are Our Future!<...

HFG-Workers presented the poem he wrote during the Production Hour to all Revolution Martyrs

On November 18, during the production time, HFG-Workers write a poem and present it to all martyrs of the revolution and share it with our people in the form of a video. With this poem, we salute and commemorate those who resist, walk to death without hesitation, and write history.We once again explained how legitimate resistance is and how it is a necessity, with our poems. All Martyrs of the Revolution Are Immortal! We Will Win by Resisting! Victory Belongs to Those Who Resist! p>

HFG Workers Had a Neighborhood Interview in Stuttgart

HFG-Workers Gain a Neighborhood Interview in Stuttgart to Get People's Thoughts on DrugsOn November 19, 2020, three HFG-Workers conducted a neighborhood interview in StuttgartBad Cannstatt district.About Nov. We chatted with seven people. Five of the seven people did not want to be seen, but chatted with them about Drugs for five or ten minutes.Two people interviewed us in video form.While we were conducting the interview with one person, our surroundings started to smell of marijuana and this was the case. also showed us once again how far drugs have spread and how big of a problem it is. Drugs, Alcohol...

We Share the Video Prepared by HFG-Workers with All Our People

We share the video we prepared as HFG-Workers on November 24, 2020 with all our people. In the video we have prepared, drug use places opened in Europe are mentioned. In order to legalize drugs, many policies are being produced slowly and insidiously to drug the youth, that is, to take over their brains. We are doing everything we can to save our youth from this situation by offering alternatives. We say the solution is in the People's Assemblies! We Are Not Desperate and Helpless!The Solution is in the People's Assemblies!HFG-Workers Germany p>

HFG Europe: How Do We Know If Our Children Are Using Drugs?

How do we know our children are using drugs and what should we pay attention to?HFG Workers released a 16-minute video on November 30 to inform our families about drugs. Many issues that need to be taken into consideration were discussedHe emphasized that we are not helpless and that the solution lies in the People's Assemblies.VE HFG workers said;We are not helpless no matter our circumstances and the solution is in the People's Assemblies. We Are Not Helpless!Hasan Ferit Gedik War Against Drugs and Liberation Center - Join You!

Police Attack on Demonstration for Alexis Grigoropoulos in Athens

The Greek government banned the commemoration of Alexis Grigoropoulos, who was shot dead by the police in 2008 in Athens, the capital of Greece. Fascism has the freedom to murder our children, but it is forbidden to commemorate them and hold them accountable.To protest this unacceptable situation, the Greek People's Front and Class Counter-Attack banners were unfurled, and they wanted to march to the monument built for Alexis in Exerkiya and make a press statement. The police, who attacked as soon as the march started, prevented the crowd. For half an hour, the attack of the police was exposed with...

Workers of Germany HFG; We Share the Video We Have Prepared With You

The increase in the number of drugs in Germany and the consumption of drugs in Germany are increasing day by day, especially in the German cities of Hamburg, Bremen and Berlin.On November 04, 2020, exactly 11,5 tons Pure Cocaine seized in the Belgian port of Antwerp. It went down in history as the world's largest overseas drug operation. Its market value is approximately 900 Million Euros. According to the prosecution, cocaine, hidden in 5 containers full of scrap metal from Guyana in South America, was sent to a Dutch company just across the border. So how could it come easily...